- Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, Chief Executive Officer

Data is the most valuable asset we have today. Without it, hospital systems wouldn’t know what medications patients are taking, financial organizations wouldn’t be able to verify the identities of those accessing accounts, and businesses would lose insights that lead to better decisions. Even your personal life is ruled by data. TV streaming platforms, smart home devices, and navigation systems all track your data footprint. Why is that alarming? Because all data can be breached.

The biggest challenge I face as the owner of an information technology (IT) company is educating businesses about the high stakes of cyber insecurity in today’s connected world, and what they should be doing to protect their data. I equate IT and cybersecurity to life insurance – it’s better to have it five years early than be even one day late. As tech leaders, we need to be at the forefront of this education while simultaneously developing innovative ways to protect data.

I foresee the IT industry not only evolving its technology to outpace sophisticated hackers, but also its traditional business model. IT companies must begin to customize their solutions to offer security services businesses need rather than what they think they need. I encourage my team of experts to go into consultations with companies in the same way doctors do with patients. Assess what needs to be done (diagnose), make the recommendation (prescribe), and take the responsibility of holding yourself and your client accountable for following through with the plan (support adherence).

With New Jersey’s close proximately to some of the country’s largest companies, IT leaders in the state are positioned to transform data-protection strategies. We are changing the cloud’s value proposition, enhancing network stability, and securing and driving technology innovations. This is an extremely exciting time to be in the IT industry and I look forward to being part of how New Jersey contributes to its future. Let’s get to work.
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