> Technotopia-Born To Build Connections Between Our Communities And Technology

We started two years ago with the mission of providing a platform to connect technology with young people and the general public.


Bristol has a wealth of groundbreaking innovations and a vibrant ecosystem, and our goal is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone regardless of their education or background.

In a technology-driven world, we are facing significant challenges: a shortage of STEM skills, gender inequality in the technology industry, and an adult workforce that needs upskilling.

Technotopia was born to build connections between our communities and the technology made in our region. From talks on artificial intelligence, the future of work to workshops, and hands-on activities for children, we explore diverse topics in an engaging way.

We believe that empowerment and a sense of agency are crucial, and what better place to start than our city?

Connecting people with the future

Young people and adults get enormous benefits from living in a city where technology thrives, and it is in this environment where innovation and creativity flourish.

Following young people’s interests, we encourage them to be creators of technology, also integrating arts and the design of products that are relevant to their lives.

We base our model on observation, analysis, good practices, and connection with the audience. In this approach, parents have a crucial role.

"If we want to encourage kids into the world of science and technology, we need to get the parents involved in the process."

Parents have a huge influence on their children’s decisions, and our experience has shown us that young people but also parents don’t have enough information about the opportunities and new careers in technology-related areas.

A Tech Love story.

After two successful events this year and as a part of the newly created Bristol Technology Festival, we are preparing an even bigger celebration of science and technology.

Bristol Tech Fair 2019 is the first event of its kind in our city, and it will bring a range of activities and opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

With the theme of “A Tech love story”, we want to feed the natural curiosity children have around technology, showing them and their parents the joy, excitement, and benefits technology can bring.

Kids and families will have the chance to experience Virtual and Augmented Reality, participate in and range of sessions including Robotics, Coding, Design, and Prototyping, and other hands-on activities.

We’ll also offer a presentation on diversity and inclusion hosted by the Wise Campaign and a Careers Fair in partnership with Tech 3 Shed, which will provide information and guidance on training and job opportunities for parents attending the event.

Collaboration has been a key element in our success and we are grateful for the network of local supporters including Engine Shed, Women Tech Hub, and The Wise Campaign, among other organisations that share our vision.

The Founder

Karin Rudolph is a sociologist with a deep interest in the relationship between people, culture, and technology. Karin decided to start Technotopia in 2017 to connect local technology with young people and a non-technical audience.

She is currently developing a model to include young people in the design of new technologies.

Come and join us!

Bristol Tech Fair is a FREE event taking place on Saturday, 9th November, 2019 from 10 am–4 pm at the Colston Hall.


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