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Initiated by TechnoMontréal, Technopolys draws on the sense of pride within the industry. It aims to increase knowledge about its contribution to the economy, the innovation ecosystem and citizens’ quality of life; promote entrepreneurship, technology careers and the teaching programs that lead to them; as well as increase international recognition of Québec as a digital innovation hub.

Leveraging our pride in this high growth industry and its amazing teamwork, the Technopolys strategy is now supported by 350 partner companies and organizations. This unprecedented mobilization shows the extraordinary impact of the vibrant ecosystem that is the Québec technology industry.


Québec: at the heart of the digital revolution

According to the 2018 ICT Industry Workforce Analysis issued by TECHNNOCompétences, this sector, that is comprised of our universities, college networks, and specialized schools; research centres; governments; 7,530 companies; and 210,000 IT professionals, generates $31.8B in revenue. A driving force for job creation, the growth of the technology industry in 2017 was three times faster than for the rest of the Québec economy, with $16.1B; its GDP increased twice as quickly as for the overall economy; it received $860M in venture capital investment, i.e. 65% of all dollars invested in Québec

Montréal, a digital metropolis with a multitude of thriving startups

Based on a 2016 report, Montréal’s startup ecosystem includes:

  • 1,800 to 2,600 startups
  • A $382.4M GDP
  • $360M in invested funds
  • 8,000 employees, including 41% who are born in other countries
  • The highest number of Living Labs in North America

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“We are extremely creative in Québec! Sometimes we joke, suggesting there must be something in the water here… We have a good reputation, we’re well recognized on the international front for our vision and our innovative solutions. Naturally, we must come together, instead of working in silos. When you have common challenges, you’re stronger as a team to convey a message. A single voice to build a powerful Québec brand!”

Isabelle Bettez, 8D Technologies Co-Founder and Technopolys ambassador

The Technopolys movement is embodied by the leaders of our industry

Technopolys ambassadors are calling upon their respective networks to ensure the growth of the movement and to promote the industry in Québec and around the world:

  • Sylvain Carle – Partner, Real Ventures
  • Yoshua Bengio – Scientific Director – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila)
  • Isabelle Bettez – Co-Founder of 8D Technologies and Board Member, Motivate
  • Louis-Philippe Maurice – Busbud Co-founder and CEO
  • Serge Godin – CGI Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

The Technopolys network of ambassadors is growing and should reach the 100 mark soon, with a strong team of leaders committed to the movement throughout Québec and abroad.



As part of our promotional efforts for Québec technology, a series of articles was published online to showcase companies and entrepreneurs from the industry, as well as promote their achievements. Through the StarTech program, Technopolys met with a number of leaders in 2017-2018, telling each of their fascinating stories to Quebecers. StarTech Videos were launched in November 2018, featuring a new lineup of companies, with CEO interviews and an overview of the organizations’ activities and culture.

Women and Technology

The greater the diversity within the ecosystem, the stronger it will be on the world stage, especially considering the major challenge the talent race currently poses for many tech companies and those that are using technology as part of their growth strategy.

The Technopolys movement, therefore, speaks to women, encouraging them to choose careers in technology sectors and to take on key roles, and it is targeting young girls, the leaders of the future.

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