Meet the new Technopolis. Bold, never afraid to reinvent itself and ready to blow everyone’s mind away. Everything starts with WOW is not just a tagline, it’s a promise to face the challenges of the future together. Not by waiting for the next Einstein, Marie Curie or Stephen Hawking to come up with the answers, but by convincing everyone that they are part of the solution.

The best way to do that?
By making people shout WOW when they experience how amazing and absolutely mind-blowing science can be. Over and over again, until they are convinced that they too can actually take the future into their own hands by embracing science and discovering their hidden talents. If they are truly motivated, nothing – not even their IQ level or (lack of the right) degrees – can get in their way.

The new Technopolis uses all means possible to convince people how truly amazing science can be for everyone and is not afraid to continuously explore new paths. Nowadays you can find Technopolis at all types of events across the country, in schools, cultural centers, companies… and especially online. Technopolis has evolved from a science center into a multimedia brand with a mission that will not allow itself to be constricted by physical boundaries. It’s a strategy that has paid off, especially when it comes down to reaching more young adults.

During the corona crisis, when the ability to rapidly innovate became a condition to survive, Technopolis transformed itself in the blink of an eye into an organizer of online and hybrid (science) events. It also started to develop online quizzes and recently it put into the market a WOWbox, a package that takes children on an imaginary space mission to Mars.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

” We want everyone to realize that they too can contribute to finding a solution to the most important challenges of the 21st century. And yes, we are prepared to bring out the big guns. Bike rides across the Grand Canyon in virtual reality at Technopolis, spectacular shows in cultural centres across Flanders, mind-blowing workshops at schools, free science events, amazing science experiments on TikTok, entire series on YouTube… There is no path we are not willing to explore in order to make everyone, regardless of their gender, background, degrees… realize how important science is to improve all of our lives.” Ester Blockx, Marketing & Sales Director Technopolis

Technopolis has developed a brand-new business model. Realizing that innovative companies, labs, research facilities, universities… also have a lot to gain by motivating children and young adults to pursue a career in science and technology, Technopolis offers them the possibility to unite forces and to reach out to young adults. With more than 50% of its followers that are young adults, Technopolis has evolved into an influencer– or even better – a STEMfluencer building bridges between industry, education and research on the one hand and young adults on the other hand.

Together with stakeholders Technopolis has made numerous YouTube series and catchy TikTok video’s taking viewers behind the scenes of companies, and research facilities… In addition Technopolis also offers stakeholders the opportunity to donate products (such as the WOWbox) or to book and pay for shows to be presented at a location of their choice or at schools in order to help reach disadvantaged children and young adults. All kinds of partnerships are possible, as long as the result is that in the end people start shouting “WOW, that’s science!” and “WOW, I can do that too!”

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