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Since 2017, TechniTextile Québec has been working in conjunction with companies and other key members of the textile industry. Serving as a vehicle for collaboration, this textile cluster promotes innovation, enhanced opportunities, commercialization and companies’ competitiveness




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Supported by the Québec Ministry of Economy and Innovation’s ACCORD approach, the TechniTextile team assists industry leaders with implementing innovative, collaborative projects driven by their own needs.



Innovation-Focused Cluster Projects
The projects backed or managed by TechniTextile provide a springboard for companies to reduce the risks involved in collaboration, which is a necessity in today’s world. Ultimately, its aim is for the outcomes to benefit the sector as a whole so that it may continue pursuing its transformation in a sustainable manner and maintain a profitable competitive advantage.

While technical textiles play a role in all fields of activity, TechniTextile Québec focuses on the following markets: personal protective equipment, safety and construction, including furniture and civil engineering. In 2022 alone, there were a total of nine product and process development projects involving 22 companies and research centres.



Linking, Supporting and Promoting
The services offered by TechniTextile encourage product research and development, continuous improvement, digital transformation and the promotion of Québec expertise. Numerous recruiting missions, new technology monitoring activities, sectoral studies and campaigns to promote buying local have also been carried out.



By deploying its 2022-2027 action plan aimed at better linking stakeholders, better supporting innovative projects and better promoting local expertise, TechniTextile is doing everything possible to help the Québec textile industry stay ahead in the innovation race.

Through the cluster’s activities and services, each year 160 companies receive financial support to move forward with their projects, as well as developing a network of partners that provides a wealth of business opportunities.



Weave: A New Kind of Portal
In 2021, stakeholders’ shared desire to promote the industry in Québec and internationally led to the launch of a digital Canadian showcase. Weave Technical is a portal intended to highlight the performance of the national textile sector by providing detailed information about companies’ expertise as well as sharing their technological advances, investments and, of course, success stories. While the content platform is still new, Weave is already engaging industrial and institutional organizations across the country in this influential project.


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