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Believes Every Sip Counts

Tease Tea believes every sip counts. The little things we do every day can have a big impact on ourselves and the people around us. That’s why they make all-natural, loose-leaf tea blends that aren’t just good for you; they’re good for our planet.

They’re more than just a tea company, they want you to feel good from the inside out. Tease Tea’s blends support your lifestyle goals, whether you need to power through a busy week or feel calm, cool, and collected, they have a tea for that. They’re changing the way the world thinks about tea.

Tease empowers the people who support their supply chain, every step of the way. Sourcing ingredients only from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. This ensures that workers at every step of their tea-making process are paid a living wage and that their tea is grown in ways that are safe for the environment. Tease Tea works with importers who source from the top 10% of sustainably managed tea gardens from around the world.

Serving up great taste with less waste. 5x the traditional material cost of your average tea bag, Tease Tea’s new pyramid bags are made from unbleached and biodegradable materials and all packaging is made from recycled materials in Ontario.

They also lighten their carbon footprint by hiring local businesses to support their co-packing, blending and product manufacturing needs whenever possible. Adopting a new way of better serving their customers while maintaining their commitment to the environment.

Tease Tea wholeheartedly believes that empowered women; empower women. Through their Charitea Program, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase supports programs that are dedicated to women’s empowerment.

From shelters to startups, they’ve contributed over $150K in product and financial support to date. This give-back model has been with Tease since day one and will continue to be the backbone in which they operate; empowering women one cup at a time.

Lastly, they don’t just talk the talk at Tease. They walk the walk. Their team creates their own working hours, supports each other’s side hustles, and makes sure everyone on the team has the chance to attend professional and personal development events that will help them be their best selves, both in work and life. Why? Because Tease believes if you’re supported as an entrepreneur; you can have entrepreneurial empathy in every decision you make at the company you work for, and the teams you work with.

Tease Tea

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