TasteTech is a family-owned business based in Bristol which specialises in the design and manufacture of controlled release food flavourings and functional ingredients.

Since our incorporation in 1992, we have been at the forefront of microencapsulation technology, offering pioneering solutions to leading food manufacturers worldwide.

We offer creative solutions to the bakery, confectionery, chewing gum, nutrition, and beverage markets but there are many sectors of the food industry and beyond that could benefit from our expertise.

Our range of products can increase shelf life, improve taste and texture, protect key ingredients from moisture and contamination, mask bitter notes, enhance flavours and reduce cost-in-use.

The Sinton family, Roger, Janis and their three young children, moved from East Anglia in 1989, and were settling well into their new life in Bristol. However, just before Christmas 1991 Rogers’ boss called him to a meeting in the United States where Roger was informed that their Bristol factory, for which he was responsible, was being closed and most employees were being made redundant, including him.

This was the second redundancy that the family had suffered but this time they were determined to take control of their own destiny. Roger had an idea to adapt an encapsulation process used in the printing industry which would offer an oil soluble powder alternative to spray drying for the food industry.

So TasteTech was incorporated in August 1992 with financial backing from various sources and no guaranteed sales!

Tragically Roger died in 2007 following a short illness but Janis took up the reins and their son, Rob, joined the business too.

It has been an interesting journey, growing organically and reinvesting the profits, but today we ship products to over 40 countries and are constantly looking to extend our global footprint. There is no limit to our potential apart from the eventual physical limits of our current site. However, we are looking to remedy this with a factory move in the next few years which will allow us to continue our growth and expansion into the future.

The success of TasteTech is dependent on identifying future flavouring trends, improving performance of ingredients, the latest technology, and the best results for our customers. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, our business and product development processes are designed to promote creativity and thought leadership, which enables us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market trends.

Our cutting-edge technologies, including Core Shell and Matrix encapsulation, Spray Drying and Powder Stabilisation techniques, enable food manufacturers to achieve increased shelf life, improved flavour impact, cost savings and a wide range of product innovation opportunities.

It was innovation that enabled us to get TasteTech started back in 1992. Innovation is crucial to the success and sustainability of TasteTech. It is a key part of our DNA. We have to be aware of the future trends in the food industry to ensure that we have the right products to offer our customers when they need them. Over the past 10 years we have built a strong R&D/NPD/Applications team that work closely with our Sales Team to deliver technical support to our customers.
Indeed, many of our customers look on us as an extension of their R&D/NPD Team!


We know that our potential for growth is limitless and we owe it to our loyal and dedicated group of employees to secure their future employment through managing this growth as efficiently and effectively as possible.

A purpose-built factory is not only our dream but is also essential if the company is to continue to thrive in the future as regulations become tighter, and if we are to achieve our longer term goals particularly relating to sustainability and ecocredentials.

Our strong desire to remain an independent family-owned business is evident. With Rob taking up the reins from Janis in the next couple of years, it will be the next generation that drives the growth and success of TasteTech into the future making this goal very achievable.

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