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TaskEasy delivers automated yard care to homeowners, renters, and businesses through intuitive software and innovative technology. Since its inception in 2013, the company has grown from a 10-member crew working out of a basement to a 300-person team with headquarters in Salt Lake City and three international support offices. These teams specialize in connecting thousands of lawn care professionals with customers ranging from individual homeowners to the largest home rental institutions in the country.

TaskEasy believes in simplifying life by connecting people and technology to provide hassle-free exterior maintenance services like yard care and lawn mowing. The company’s mission is to bring convenience and relief to homeowners, renters, and property managers across the nation. TaskEasy does this by empowering local landscaping entrepreneurs and business owners with robust software and intuitive technology.

TaskEasy was born as a solution to a long-standing problem. Ken Davis was a property owner with a modest portfolio, dealing with the hassle of managing exterior maintenance for his properties in multiple cities. He was sinking countless hours into finding and vetting contractors and then auditing the work to verify completion. Davis also discovered that pricing was often not fair to either him or the contractor, who felt they were “working two jobs,” or “charging for travel and performing services for free.” The entire exterior maintenance services industry was plagued with inefficiencies, which caused unnecessary tension between customers and contractors.

As an entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt, Davis was well-equipped to solve this age-old problem: mowing the lawn. He began developing a method to make buying yard services for customers — and fulfilling services for contractors — as easy as buying products online.

The result of Davis’ efforts, TaskEasy, launched to consumers in April 2013. Investment rounds totaling $45 million have resulted in a state-of-the-art platform, which includes a website, financial system, supporting apps, and strong network security. The result is a powerful ecosystem that automates and audits exterior property maintenance services and provides reporting and accountability to clients.

By bringing automation and technology to the traditionally outdated and lagging landscape services industry, Davis became a game-changer. TaskEasy was the first to introduce a satellite image-based tool capable of calculating square footage of a property’s lawn without having to visit it physically. More importantly, TaskEasy’s engineers built a unique formula that has established fair market pricing for yard care services in all 50 U.S. states. The automatically calculated labor and service pricing model has become a key to the company’s success. The ability to order lawn maintenance online with accurately calculated prices meant that customers and contractors didn’t have to haggle on price or spend hours on the phone arranging the service. Now, lawn maintenance specialists can concentrate on the quality of the service, and the TaskEasy customers free up the time previously spent on looking for someone to take care of the yard or taking care of it themselves.

With just a few clicks, customers can now order exterior services, check the completed work, and approve payments wherever they are – all from the convenience of their phone or laptop. Since launching in 2013, TaskEasy has mowed lawns and serviced yards in over 12,000 cities and across
all 50 U.S. states. The company’s portfolio consists of hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide, and its network of more than 12,000 screened and vetted contractors is the nation’s largest. TaskEasy works together with landscaping businesses in each area, supporting local industry with hundreds of thousands of properties to service.


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