We are living in an era where hybrid and multi-cloud business environments are on an increase, and this has put the spotlight on the critical role ISVs play.

Now is the time for Independent Software Vendors to capitalise on the great opportunities presented to them through assisting consumers to efficiently navigate the complex world of cloud.

A gateway to business growth opportunities

ISVs play a critical role in the growth and success of their customer’s businesses, but the big question is, who is assisting these tech start-ups and cloud-based tech companies to grow their businesses?

Well, the answer is simply Tarsus On Demand

Tarsus On Demand has created a program to cater to the unique needs of ISVs. Through the program, ISVs are equipped with tools and services to help them innovate, scale and flourish in South Africa and across the African continent

What makes Tarsus On Demand (TOD) so different?

Having worked with ISVs for many years, TOD identified that some of these companies need enablement and assistance in certain areas. The ISV program was formed through an iterative process, and TOD is continually growing and building on this program to ensure innovation and growth within the ISV partner base.

Chantelle Ashman, ISV Sales Manager at Tarsus On Demand, has been involved since the inception of this program and can attest to the positive impact the program has had on the TOD ISV partner base.

“Seeing our ISV partners grow from start-up to scale-up to established is extremely rewarding, knowing we played a role in this growth and the success of their solutions.” – says Ashman

The ISV program was a major contributing factor to TOD being awarded the Microsoft Indirect Partner of the Year award for 3 years in a row

 Tarsus On Demand ISV program offerings

TOD strongly believes that a great deal of time investment is critical to the growth and success of ISVs. With that in mind, TOD has added a list of offerings exclusive to ISV partners to enable them to successfully take their business to new heights and encourage innovation. All the offerings under the ISV program are at no additional cost to the ISV partner.

TOD then took this one step further and partnered with some of South Africa’s most prominent technology incubators and accelerators, ensuring that their cohorts have access to the same types of assistance and guidance that the partners in the TOD program already receive.

As part of the success of running this program in South Africa, TOD has now expanded its efforts to the rest of Africa.

“Many emerging companies in Africa need access to training and skills development and they also need support to take their solutions to market. This includes leveraging experienced CSPs like TOD to guide them on their journey. Our ISV Program can add value to all of the above which will stimulate growth”-says Ashman.

 Technical Assistance

Ensures that our ISV partners’ cloud-based environments are built for scale, optimised and modernised where applicable. Our ISV partners get the opportunity to gain technical support through experts with years of experience in building and creating the perfect environment to help their business grow.

“The program has enabled our partners to gain assistance with optimising their architectures and environments together with our solutions architects, not only saving costs but enabling them to use those savings elsewhere and assist them in finding new resources in Azure that help their solutions scale easily and perform at its best”-says Ashman.

 Partner Enablement

TOD has dedicated Partner Enablement Consultants that specifically assists partners with navigating the cloud landscape and getting the best out of the programs and growth tracks offered by the vendors, says Ashman.

“We have included it as part of the program because sometimes cloud vendors have environments that are hard to navigate if they don’t know who they should be talking to, or how to access the enablement tracks and processes that they have in place for their customers”-she adds.

 FastTrack for Microsoft Azure

This part of the program is dedicated to accelerating the growth and scale of ISV partners in the cloud environment.

It assists partners with building and scaling their apps and platforms, through alternate routes to market, for example, the commercial marketplace offered by Microsoft and technical assistance from Azure Engineers. TOD Partner Enablement Consultant will ensure that the partners are enrolled for the correct programs and navigate vendor relationships to ensure their growth and help them scale. Go-to-Market and Marketing Assistance is offered to partners after it was discovered that most ISVs tend to have smaller teams that mainly comprise of sales-based roles, and they have little-to-no knowledge about how to create their go-to-market strategy for their solution and do not have in-house expertise when it comes to running their marketing activities.

Sales Enablement

Offered to partners to assist them to enter new markets and channels enabling them to avail their solutions and gain new customers and growth.

 Your success is our success

The world is changing and as a tech start-up, you are a catalyst for this change.Tarsus On Demand supports and encourages innovative tech start-ups which have developed solutions focusing on creating a positive change in Africa.

“It is extremely rewarding to see partners grow and scale through the initiatives we provide them. Being part of their successes through exposing them to new markets and territories that have opened up for them by helping them commercialize and therefore monetize on the solutions they have developed”-says Ashman.

 About Tarsus On Demand

Tarsus On Demand is an indirect CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider). This means that they create channel models for the sale of cloud-based solutions.

Tarsus On Demand is the cloud division of the Tarsus Technology group. As a Microsoft CSP indirect provider, we work with start-up to unlock true business value through embracing new and evolving technology.

We pride ourselves on our ability to assist start-ups from the ground up. Whether it’s glancing over a business plan, giving guidance on strategies , or optimising your cloud business model, we have experts available to assist with any task. Our methods have been proven over time, and we are looking for the next great start-up to offer our expertise to.

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