Tankee Inc-Is An Austin-Based Media Company Dedicated To The Future Of Kids’ Digital Entertainment





Tankee Inc. is an Austin-based media company dedicated to the future of kids’ digital entertainment. Tankee, the company’s first offering, is a free entertainment app for kids 6-12 that helps parents protect their kids from inappropriate online content while giving kids access to the gaming videos they love. The safe, COPPA-compliant destination features 500+ hours of curated and original gaming videos spanning the most popular game franchises for kids and features top gaming influencers. Connecting gaming content owners to advertisers in the advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) space, Tankee features popular third-party brands in a robust library of videos including more than 200 Tankee Originals, exclusive content co-produced with top influencers. Download the award-winning Tankee for iOS on the App Store, Android on Google Play, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets on the Amazon App Store. For more information, visit www.tankee.com.

Gerald youngblood, Co-Founder & CEO


Nearly half of Americans play video games, according to the latest Pew Research poll, which is not a surprising statistic to Gerald Youngblood, father of a 10-year old. His son loves games as much as his dad did at his age. Youngblood set out to create a safe space for young kids and their caregivers to enjoy gaming content.

It wasn’t that gaming videos were bad, it was the negative language and inappropriate topics that young gaming fans are being exposed to on platforms clearly built for adults. When searching for and watching their favorite video game influencers online, they need a platform built for them. Gerald and his team decided to curate a community that fully supports the digital well-being movement. They wanted to create a place for caregivers and kids to discover the best in gaming in a safe way including fully human-vetted content instead of an algorithm. The team created an entertainment app dedicated to young kids who love games and aimed at helping their parents breathe a little easier.

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