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Developing a new consulting strategy by redefining relationships between clients and suppliers, employers and employees, and ecosystem partners – that’s the objective that we’ve given ourselves. Our name gives it away; Talsom is the sum of our talents, and our mission is one of creating a positive, lasting impact through people, innovation, and technology.

Beyond our values of innovation, empathy, respect, and collaboration, we’re guided by three core principles: Inspire, Empower, Acknowledge. To generate the impact we seek for our clients, we need to first instill these three pillars into each and every team member.

A talented team is created and supported by reaching out to individuals and understanding their needs and desires. Each one of us is inspired by something different. At Talsom, we want everyone to find their place and have a clear understanding of how to grow. We’re convinced that through this approach, our team members can feel happy, succeed, and fully understand their contribution to the company’s mission.

Each team member plays a leadership role and is entrusted to help lead the company into the future. Team members support and encourage one another to take action and give themselves the tools needed for their success. We commit ourselves to drive our employees to aim higher and higher and accomplish greater and greater challenges, both on the personal and professional levels.

We demonstrate openness, share solid values, and are propelled by innovation and by the quality of our work. Fully aware of the pressures in our industry, our engagement to the need for recognition is clear. We believe that a key factor in our success is the appreciation of efforts leading to positive outcomes for the team and for Talsom.

Once we’ve established this atmosphere throughout our team, we confidently accompany our clients through a sustainable and profitable digital transformation. We don’t just work for the client, but with them, along with the entirety of our respective ecosystems – that’s our way of innovating, and that’s who we are.

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