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TalentGuard is a global provider of predictive career pathing and talent management software, built to provide employees with the tools to map their career progression, become engaged in meaningful work, and actively develop their careers.


Founded by Chief Executive Officer Linda Ginac and Chief Technology Officer, Frank Ginac, TalentGuard was sparked from an employee making a difference within her company to a software that is now serving hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe. Prior to TalentGuard’s inception, Linda worked at startup companies in Austin, Texas in marketing and product management roles. During that period, the .com bust occurred and in response, Linda had the opportunity to help employees transition their careers while the company went through a downsizing.

From gained experience as an active career coach, Linda took this effective approach to a larger scale by starting the career transition consulting firm, The Ginac Group. This endeavor went from helping individuals answer career questions like “what am I going to be doing for the rest of my life?” and “how can I be happy again in my job ” into a global franchise that developed 500+ coaches through a certification and training program.

This business rapidly picked up speed. The demand ended up growing so fast that Linda had to hire coaches to be able to supply these services. As a consulting company, Linda thought that she would primarily consult with individuals who adopted the certification and training program, but instead, her clients were HR professionals from organizations needing assistance to help serve the employees of their company.

Helping solve problems like building morale in flattening hierarchal organizations, where people could not simply move up the ladder. These consulting projects helped organizations to build career maps, focused on promoting employees across the lattice instead of the traditional career ladder. That ultimately led her to start the company TalentGuard and recruit CTO, Frank Ginac, to develop the software that now automates this employee career pathing journey.


TalentGuard is a leading provider of talent management software solutions that you can find in use by companies across the globe. By applying the effective methodology used as a professional career coach, Linda has helped thousands of people transition from jobs that made them miserable to empowering careers.

Now TalentGuard is transforming companies’ employee experience.

Many employees were dissatisfied in their jobs and often complained about the lack of transparency and resources to advance their careers. When people cannot see a future path within their organizations, they become disengaged and may search for other options outside the company. Research shows that organizations are facing high turnover and low retention rates, but software like TalentGuard has turned that challenge into career opportunities. By encouraging internal mobility and offering tools to chart career growth, employees become more engaged in their roles and the development of their careers.

The impact the software brings to employees reminds TalentGuard’s team that they don’t just build and sell software, but instead create solutions that can truly make a difference in the lives of every employee. Linda and Frank’s drive to develop employees’ careers, empowers TalentGuard’s team to continue to shape the future of talent management.

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