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"I come from a family that embraces food and cuisine, so I began cooking at an early age."

My mother comes from a strong Italian family raised in New Orleans. Family life was all about food and southern hospitality. My father was obsessed with French culinary tradition and always wanted to be a chef. He graduated from Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France in 2004. I wasn’t exposed to this obsessive side of my father until shortly before he passed away.

Nicholas Fahs

I became intertwined with my fathers passion. After I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY, I traveled to France, Spain, and Italy to better understand food culture and the craftsmanship of fine cuisine. I worked for and ran kitchens in Maine, Wisconsin, New York, and Virginia before coming to Salt Lake.

Table X is a culmination of my ideals: deep compassion for community coupled with food that is inspired by local ingredients, art, and expression.

David Barboza

“I come from a small Portuguese-Irish family in Maryland, where family dinner was always on the table. My parents always cooked, and from them I learned to cook with my heart. Which is why my food is rustic and comforting.

I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park where I met Mike and Nick. Who knew this is where I would end up? I’ve worked in a number of restaurants in upstate New York, Connecticut, and Virginia before settling in Salt Lake. I want my diners to connect with their food, through the snapshot lens of my edible world. Our earth provides all we need to survive and thrive and I want to help people remember that. I entertain archaic ideas in modern environments.”

Mike Blocher
“I have a down-to-earth approach to cooking high-level food—I combine simple techniques with refined, focused flavors.”

My early exposure to the restaurant industry is what led me to culinary school. After that, I studied long-term with Chef Sean McKee in Vermont and Washington D.C. before relocating to Salt Lake City.

Along with my duties to develop the menu for Table X and manage the restaurant day-to-day, I also oversee all bread production for the restaurant. It’s a sizable undertaking, but one I enjoy because every guest at Table X receives fresh bread to start their meal. My approach to simple and refined food works well with the mission of Table X: I create thoughtful, delicious dishes in a casual and approachable restaurant setting.”

All of our experiences, together and separate, have brought us to where we are today. To the three of us, Table X is about elevating our guests through food and raising the bar in Salt Lake City through innovative work and taste. We believe great hospitality is about how our guests feel within our walls—not just the service we provide.

We each bring something slightly different and unique to the table, and that’s what makes our cuisine singular. We hope you enjoy your time with us. We are great friends—and our bonds extend long before the beginning of this restaurant. We are alumni of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park NY, and we’ve traveled across the globe working in many facets of the hospitality industry —from fine dining and high end resorts to home cooking to mom-n-pop establishments. Table X represents the purest form of our  passion for great food and hospitality.

We hope to set the table for you soon.


(385) 528-3712
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1457 East 3350 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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