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Recognized As A Center Of Digital Excellence By The Quebec Ministry Of Economy And Innovation

Synapse C is a non-profit organization whose mission aims to enhance and pool arts and culture data development expertise in Canada and become an international reference in the augmentation of this data to benefit the cultural ecosystem.

Recognized as a center of digital excellence by the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Synapse C facilitates and accelerates the acquisition of digital skills and the development of business strategies by relying on data-driven innovation and the original model of “mutualization” for the emergence of collective business intelligence. We hope to break down the silos within and between different cultural industries and build bridges between the cultural environment and the data ecosystem.

Founded in 2017 by Éric Lefebvre, the launch of Synapse C is the result of an initial sharing of several million data from actors in the Quartier des spectacles. Since then, Synapse C has already reached more than 130 cultural organizations. We are proud, through our expertise, training and knowledge transfer activities, to provide the cultural sector with tools to leverage data and take advantage of advances in analytics and data science.

With the desire to always make the most of data, Synapse C captures the latest advances in artificial intelligence and develops applications such as web scraping on cultural events or ethical and inclusive recommendation algorithms that serve the mission of book industry stakeholders. In connection with Stradigi AI, we will be invited to use the “Kepler” artificial intelligence processing platform, allowing us to develop and deploy solutions for the cultural ecosystem. With an ever-growing offer and thus exponential data production, the cultural sector is indeed the ideal playground for artificial intelligence applications and specifically to meet the challenges of content discoverability.

Mutualisation des données” in French involves not only integration of datasets, but also providing group access and then delivering collective intelligence to all members of a data sharing/mutualization group.

Synapse C

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