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Decentralized and Hybrid Trials: Here and Now!


Symphony Clinical Research is the industry leader in taking clinical trial visits directly to patients in their homes, offices, schools, on vacation, or other convenient locations. Traditionally, clinical trials require patients to travel to the clinical research site, where they often face long wait times to receive services. Up to 86% of traditional clinical trials fail, largely due to a lack of enrollment and retention, caused by the travel and time burdens placed on study participants [1]. Symphony’s services are instrumental in minimizing the travel and time burdens typically associated with participation in a clinical research study.

Symphony has worked with 9 of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies across the globe in all phases and therapeutic areas of clinical research studies. Symphony services are provided on 5 continents and are especially beneficial for immobile patient populations, rare disease studies and pediatric patient groups. Symphony services allow clinical research studies to include participants located in remote geographies not near clinical research sites and can increase patient diversity, since recruitment isn’t constrained by a patient’s physical location. From recording vital signs, collecting and processing lab specimens, reviewing patient diaries to conducting in-home study drug infusions, Symphony clinicians meet
the highest clinical standards. Symphony services comply with industry standards including International Conference on Harmonization (ICH)/Good Clinical Practices (GCP), privacy regulations, dangerous goods standards, and other national and local regulations.

Symphony services have been used in 27 studies that resulted in FDA or EMA approvals. Most recently, the FDA publicly encouraged the pharmaceutical industry to move to a decentralized clinical trial model, defined as studies executed through telemedicine, mobile or local healthcare providers or other innovative practices that vary from the traditional clinical research model [2]. Symphony services align closely with current trends to decentralized, hybrid and virtual trials models. Symphony helps pharmaceutical companies modernize their clinical research trials to increase patient enrollment and retention – allowing them to get new drugs to market more quickly – to those patients who need them so desperately.


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Symphony Clinical Research® is the global leader in providing alternate-site and in-home clinical trial services to study subjects across the globe. By making study participation convenient, our services improve retention, accelerate enrollment and increase compliance, while lessening the burden on study patients and your trial sites. Symphony is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois and has a second location in Gdansk, Poland.

Year Founded: 2003

Symphony Clinical Research

700 Deerpath Drive Vernon Hills
IL 60061 United States

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