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The Swip mantra is “Build, Buy, or Both.” Swip helps companies build custom mobile apps and web apps

The Swip mantra is “Build, Buy, or Both.” Swip helps companies build custom mobile apps and web apps, buy and implement off-the-shelf software solutions, or a combination of both, combining custom and off the-shelf solutions or integrations.

At Swip Systems, our mission is to leverage advanced technology along with innovative and creative approaches to deliver business solutions that help our clients overcome business challenges and prepare them for the future. To accomplish this, we constantly research and implement progressive techniques and provide high-quality solutions to our clients.

Although most companies utilize many different software packages, they do not utilize the necessary software tools within their organization to get a really good handle on their businesses. Most systems are fragmented, patched together, or just don’t track the information the business needs to have the proper insight into company operations.

Without proper insight, companies cannot track the metrics or KPIs to know if they are executing well. As a result, they cannot streamline the processes that need attention and ultimately cannot manage the inherent risks in their organizations. This prevents the bottom line from growing to where it can and should be.

Swip systems exists to solve this very problem—to help companies across the United States embrace technology to provide insight into their organizations, streamline processes, reduce risk, and grow their bottom line. We’re in business to help people, make a difference, stimulate economic growth, take care of each other, enjoy what we do, and provide a good life for the people around us.

Founded in 1995 by Jean and Tom Swip, Swip Systems started in a 10’ x 10’ home office in the suburbs of St. Louis. The technology at that time was Windows 3.01 applications. Since then, Swip has seen the digital landscape transformation take place—from Windows applications to web apps, to mobile apps and now Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Swip utilizes a “Build, Buy or Both” methodology for approaching software decisions. “Build” is for solutions that cannot be found off the shelf or where a market differentiator can be built into the software and thus the processes in the organization. ”Buy” (off-the-shelf packages) gain speed to implementation and take advantage of industry best practices. Or, “Both”: Build and Buy to implement custom solutions in conjunction with off-theshelf packages or integration of existing systems to talk with each other.

Swip specializes in several key areas of building applications and technology.

  • Creating core business systems in the form of mobile and web apps
  • Creating go to market products, such as mobile apps for app stores or Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based platforms

Swip has helped over 170 companies either build the core systems that run their businesses or take a mobile or web product concept to market. We always look forward to learning about and helping companies implement whatever comes next.

Swip Systems

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