Bring The Best Game Of Chase Ever To Your Backyard

SwiftPaws is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that brings the best game of chase ever to your backyard. In a matter of minutes, pet owners can setup a game of chase that allows for up to 300ft of fun at speeds up to 30 mph. SwiftPaws is perfect for people with busy schedules that still want to give their pet great healthy exercise while having fun.

Meghan Wolfgram, CEO/Founder of SwiftPaws, and Jarin Eisenberg, COO of Groundswell Startups pose with SwiftPaws’ four-legged team member, Piper, in front of SwiftPaws’ first office at Groundswell Startups.

I’ve always had a love for animals, and the SwiftPaws story starts with me wanting “more” for my pup, Pretzel, because I fully believe that he deserves to live the very best life I can give him. Having worked in the enrichment field with dog behaviorists and trainers, as well as with zoos for cheetahs and other species, I knew there was an opportunity to bring the same professional emphasis on quality-of-life to pet owners everywhere.

I really wanted to solve the problem of pet owners not having enough time to give their furry family members enough mental and physical exercise. At the same time, I was working at a small-animal veterinary practice and saw first-hand the rising issue of pet obesity, and with how expensive diet pet food can be – I knew there had to be a better solution.

Enter SwiftPaws, which got its start making pro-grade equipment and running events where people and their pups got to give this exciting game of chase a try. By 2018, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first home-version of our product which sold out within 30 days!

SwiftPaws Team members Meghan and Eric with the first shipment of pet products.

I knew I was on to something, but in order to scale the company and our production capabilities, I was going to need more funding, support, a larger team, and a way to bring all of these pieces together. I started working with Groundswell Startups in 2019. Groundswell is a high-tech incubator and coworking space in Melbourne, FL. Through Groundswell, I got connected with product development experts, other high-tech founders, and really started to hone in on my pitch deck, and what the next stage for SwiftPaws would be. With the support of the Founders at Groundswell, I closed a $500,000 seed round of funding in early 2020, enabling me to build out my team, invest in the growth of our production process, and elevate our marketing and manufacturing capabilities.

We consider ourselves innovators at SwiftPaws. There’s a gap in the pet industry when it comes to products that address both the mental and physical well-being a pet needs to live a long and happy life. I wanted to create something that helps pets live their best lives, and I wanted to create something that would be accessible to pet owners all over the country. I have seen customers use Swift Paws inside their homes, take it to dog parks, and share it with their neighbors and friends. It has developed into a community of people all over the country using our product to enrich the lives of their pets.

While the startup scene is still fairly new on the Space Coast, there is a strong mentorship base, along with the talent and drive to help startups.

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