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Customers choose from a seemingly endless stock of candy, sprinkles, fondant, and icing to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes

What if you could recreate your favorite memories at your job? For local entrepreneur Kara Newmark, memories of baking with her kids sparked a business where customers can make their own sweet memories. At Sweetology, customers choose from a seemingly endless stock of candy, sprinkles, fondant, and icing to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

“When people want commodities, they will go on Amazon. Traditional retail is dead, and consumers are now craving experiences,” Newmark explains. Sweetology is on the cutting edge of where retail is going in the future. Newmark is masterful at bringing the best experiences to customers. From the eye-popping candy wall to the sweet scent of cake and the chic, immaculate décor, it’s clear this workshop isn’t only for kids.

Sweetology hosts corporate events, decorating classes, and parties for all occasions. Newmark even ships decorating kits nationwide so that customers can host a hassle-free decorating party at home. For those seeking immediate gratification, premade premium baked goods are ready for purchase.

“We all have a creative spark in us—a desire to make something wonderful of our own,” Newmark says. She took her creative spark and created a place where everyone can unleash their imagination and be a creator, or what she likes to call a Sweetologist. “Today’s customers are more interested in experiences than accumulating items,” explains Newmark. “An afternoon spent with Grandpa and Grandma here at Sweetology will be remembered long after the latest gadget breaks.”

Sweetology is the culmination of many years of varied work experience. After finishing law school at Washington University in St. Louis, Newmark practiced law for a few years before going to work for the tech startup SportsHuddle.com. Later, she started her own consulting company for startups and tech companies which she ran for 15 years before being brought on board as COO of Welvie, surgery decision–support company. Five years later, she decided to bring the skills she gathered in her various positions to build a new company

Under the philosophy that if you’re not loving what you’re doing you shouldn’t be doing it, Newmark knew she wanted to make a company that was all about fun. While in search of ideas, her friend asked her what makes her happiest. Newmark, a mother of three, answered that she loves spending time in the kitchen baking with her kids. Thus, the idea for Sweetology was born.

After raising capital through an angel investing round, the first Sweetology store opened in Ladue in May of 2014. Sweetology is the first dedicated entertainment retail concept around the decoration of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. The colorful wonderland of Sweetology is a kid-magnet but also a wonderful place for a girls’ night of wine and decorating, and even corporate team building. One event allows corporate teams to bond over giving back to the community.

“We partner with the nonprofit It’s Your Birthday to allow groups to make cakes for kids in shelters, because everyone deserves a birthday!” says Newmark. Sweetology also supports kids with complex medical issues at Ranken Jordan hospital by donating a portion of the proceeds on special cupcakes every Valentine’s Day. Newmark’s vision for the future is to have a Sweetology in every major city in the United States as well as a successful e commerce store.

Newmark emphasizes that when you’re celebrating a milestone, it is not all about having a perfect cake. At the heart, it’s about the fact that an 8-year-old made his grandpa’s birthday cake, and that’s what makes it perfect. Sweetology believes in the “why,” and that’s why Newmark believes she has uncovered the secret of the future of retail.


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