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A Next-Generation Supply Chain Platform for Fashion Brands and Retailers

Our proprietary software, the Suuchi GRID, coupled with our curated network of freelancers, factories and mills,  connects fashion brands with real-time supply chain visibility.

Founded in 2016 by Suuchi Ramesh, Suuchi, Inc. is a  one-stop solution for the entire apparel supply chain for fashion brands and retailers of all sizes. Through our curated network of freelancers, mills, and factories, Suuchi is able to collapse the supply chain under one roof creating a nimbler production process from ideation to shipment.

Through the Suuchi GRID, brands can track timelines, communicate in real-time, sell complete transparency, and run data analytics based on their product lines. Companies can also have the GRID track their existing network and provide the same functionality.

Through these combined solutions, Suuchi is digitally transforming retail, enabled by megatrends of just-in-time production, shop-floor integration, and supply chains created for consumer demand.

The Network
All of Suuchi’s partners are vetted through SGS to ensure that all factories, vendors, and mills are up-to date on compliance, but also meet the standards for sustainability, capacity, quality, and turnaround times. Our network of over 350 factories, vendors, and mills extends across the United States and Central and South America. This allows our brands to have the ability to scale across categories and production batch size while keeping all production managed through one partner. Through this our brands are able to double revenue, get to market 20 times faster, and increase overall lifetime customer value in as little as two years.

The Software
The apparel industry is one of the last to embrace revolution through technology. Many major retailers continue to operate on email with Excel sheets and have little to no visibility into the supply chain. This is where the Suuchi GRID comes into play as a skill and language agnostic solution. The GRID allows retailers to track their entire supply chain with real-time updates, communication, and the ability to pull predictive data analytics through the web view or mobile app. The GRID has the ability to track production through the Suuchi network or can be implemented into a brand’s existing network of mills and factories. While many product lifecycle management (PLM) tools separate out at different stages of product development, the GRID consolidates the entire supply chain into one software for full, transparent management.


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