"I am fueled by freedom."

Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder - SuperWorld

I am fueled by freedom. To me, exploring and creating opportunities to engage anything, anywhere, anyone—and at any time—is something I value to my core. “Fortune favors the bold,” said the Roman poet Virgil. I might add that freedom also favors the bold. The fundamental vision of SuperWorld is to give users and enterprises more than just an immersive experience. I want to give them the power to create and curate a World.

With SuperWorld, we’re bringing users together within an augmented reality real estate marketplace and social platform (along with a decentralized, transactional layer that includes advertising, gaming, payments, etc.) that incorporates facets of Foursquare + Monopoly + Pokemon Go to arrive at what I hope will usher in a paradigm shift in how we work, play, share, and learn together.

The biggest challenges so far have been determining how AR worlds will cross-pollinate with our physical world while trying to help consumers adjust to a disruptive new tech. Some skeptics are adamant that a digital world can’t co-exist with the physical world. I believe that in the future, XR and the real world will both be part of what we consider ‘reality’. Digital and Physical will become one.

My background spans technology & entertainment, venture capital, investment banking and management consulting. In addition to SuperWorld, I am co-founder of The Rogue Initiative, a Hollywood film, TV, virtual reality and gaming production studio. Previously, I worked as the Senior Business Developer/ Global Evangelist at Toptal (backed by Andreessen Horowitz), providing elite talent to companies around the world, and as founding Managing Partner of EastLabs, a leading seed-stage venture capital fund based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ve served as a Vice President in venture capital at SpencerTrask Ventures and investment banking/M&A at UBS Investment Bank and HSBC Securities, and in global business development at the management consulting firm AonHewitt. I received a Bachelor of Arts from Rice University and an MPH/MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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