Studio Giggle is a creative studio specialising in creating stunning filmed and animated content for live and virtual events. Studio Giggle has built a strong reputation as the go-to creative agency for high quality, technically innovative content.

Founded in 2006 Studio Giggle started its life as a VFX company creating large explosions and spectacular car crashes for programmes like Casualty (BBC 1986-Present). In the subsequent 14 years, Giggle’s work has evolved to cover a wide range of animation styles and techniques. This could be a complex real-time generated artwork for an installation, creating an ‘unreal’ world for an XR studio, or simply a really beautiful animated explainer.

In the past few years, Studio Giggle’s creative and technical knowledge has seen them representing Bristol whilst they work all over the world. This has included projects in the US, Middle East, China and Europe. Some highlights of those trips included: creating stunning animated content for the launch of Porsche’s latest car, the Cayenne, in Kuwait; an immersive dining experience in San Francisco with Tom Kerridge for BA; building a virtual elevator to transport delegates at the World Economic Forum in
Davos; and projecting dragons onto the Tower of London for the Game of Thrones Season 5 world premiere.

Innovation is at the heart of everything that Studio Giggle does. In the ever-evolving world of animation, it is important for them to stay ahead of new trends, so innovation is key.

Studio Giggle’s unique position in the industry is down its ability to balance first class creative design, with innovative technical ideas. Studio Giggle can not only create beautiful designs and content but can also advise their clients about which screen or server to hire and how to get the most from the content. Their clients employ them when they have particular creative, immersive and innovative problems to solve.

It’s the creativity of Bristol that has made Studio Giggle what it is today. The city is a hub for creatives and creative exploration. This has allowed Studio Giggle to work with countless brilliant freelancers and experts, as well as providing them with a full-time team of talented animators, digital artists and producers. This would not have been possible if they were based elsewhere. Studio Giggle is located at The Paintworks on Bath Road, which is known as being the creative quarter in a very creative city.


This year, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown of the event industry, Studio Giggle has had to be more innovative than ever to survive. In March they worked hard to create and launch an XR studio that could be used for virtual events. This is something that they will be continuing to focus on in the coming years. Studio Giggle will also be using their XR studio to explore the world of Virtual Production, in order to offer their clients even more exceptional ways to create stunning content. As always, they will be staying on top of all upcoming and exciting new developments in the world of animation and events.


+44 (0)117 972 0081
1.16 The Paintworks, Bath Road
Bristol BS4 3EH, UK

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