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As Humans We Are Still Foraging, But Instead Of Turning Over Rocks In Search Of Insects And Nuts, We Are Wanting To Understand It All




Our search for clarity is probably the oldest quest we have. We are forever asking “what must I do”, “why are things the way they are”, and “how could my life be different?” Our deepest motivating force is to make a difference, to experience meaning and live with purpose. We want to be of service and add value to the people around us. To feel worthy and appreciated makes us happy. Covid has accentuated the preciousness of life and we are more aware than ever of the importance to make every day count.

At Streetschool we facilitate journeys by bringing attention to what is important. We help people discover more clarity, a more peaceful mind, and more happiness. And we do this by facilitating journeys to the source of human inspiration – the Himalayas.

Streetschool was established in 2010 as a coaching company using unusual experiences to manifest internal growth. Since then, we have taken more than 500 people on 34 experiential workshops into the Himalayas and on treks to Everest base camp. The foundation of our work is based on Logotherapy, a meaning centred form of counselling developed by holocaust survivor Dr Viktor Frankl more famous for his book ‘man’s search for meaning’. So often people have a lot to live by, but not a lot to live for. This may result in and feelings of futility causing behavior such as aggression, addiction, and depression. Being connected to our conscience, aware of our responsibilities to life, and with the tools to discover our own unique avenues to meaning, we can each create a strong legacy and life of purpose. This is what Streetschool does. An innovation of a different kind. The innovation of thinking differently.

“Just because I wear a robe, don’t think I’m a religious person. I’m a mind scientist.”

– Tibetan monk.

Service Offerings
The main services offered by Streetschool are youth development journeys to India and Nepal focusing on themes such as confidence, peer group pressure, self-esteem, personal branding, values, discovering meaning and purpose; Adult mindfulness retreats to the Tibetan community in India as a spiritual audit; Expeditions to Everest Base Camp to discover personal heights within; Mindfulness leadership programs focusing on meaning and purpose at work.

Combining meaningful volunteer work with group coaching, we help school students discover a deeper sense of identity. “Teach English to Tibetan monks” is probably our most successful workshop. On this 11-day journey students volunteer at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas to teach English at Tibetan village schools, discuss the meaning of life with Tibetan monks and learn about mindfulness from the masters. This is personal innovation by mapping out a life vision and a personal brand.

For adults, our “Mindfulness retreat with Tibetan monks” is most popular. On this unique journey to the exile Tibetan community in Dharamsala, we connect participants with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. Meeting with the Dalai lama is a regular part of this experiential workshop as participants spend time with Tibetan teachers to explore the meaning of life, visit a meditation retreat and take precious time to spiritually recharge.

‘Every morning to the tune of a yak bell, you step into a new personal adventure” Trekking to Everest Base camp is another popular experience and Streetschool has guided nine (9) treks in the past 10 years. During this adventure, demanding external challenges are used to reach new internal heights. In 2016 Klasie took a group of breast cancer survivors to show what is possible despite having had cancer.

“Mindfulness helped me cope with Covid.”

– Corporate leader

Mindfulness Leadership Development Program
Finally, there is Streetschool’s mindfulness leadership development program for the corporate market. During this eight (8)-month program participants learn about mindfulness and how to become aware of what is meaningful at work.

Quotes from participants:
Adult Participant: “I’ve learnt to view the world through a different lens than the one I am used to, and trust that I am safe in the world.”

Adult Participant: “What a privilege to have visited ‘Little Tibet’. I was so humbled by all the kindness and compassion of this community and it changed world-view to take time, to think less, to feel more.”

Adult Participant: “The trip to India was overwhelming and I am still trying to process everything we experienced. I guess the best way to explain how I feel about the experience is the noticeable changes it had on me. I have been back at work for 3 days with such a huge sense of calm and peace about me. Something I don’t ever recall having.”

From a 16 year old student: “I am going to become the best possible script writer of my own life I can be. I would like to be the type of person who doesn’t give in, and who lives life to the fullest.”

From a 16 year old student: “What I’ve learnt is a lot deeper than what I can express. I’ve learnt that as a human, it’s not the tough situations we’ve been through that define us, but rather how we let those situations affect us in our lives. I’ve learnt that bad situations don’t necessarily require a bad reaction and that we have make control over our minds and lives than we choose to exercise.”

Streetschool was founded by Klasie Wessels in 2010. Before starting Streetschool, Klasie spent 25 years with the Advertising Group FCB – the last 10 as Managing Director and Chairman of the Johannesburg office. Until recently he lectured Logotherapy at Unisa’s Centre of Applied Psychology and was also the Chairman of the Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa. He is an Associate of the International Institute of Logotherapy and a qualified Leadership Business Coach.

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