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Stratasan’s software and services provide market intelligence to hospitals and healthcare systems, equipping them to make better strategic growth decisions. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Stratasan partners with more than nine hundred hospitals from the nation’s top healthcare systems across forty-one states.

Stratasan was founded by Jason Moore and Brian Dailey to change the way hospitals and health systems use technology to access and leverage healthcare data. Inspired by advisory relationships, they recognized a need for a product-focused company with a customer-centric approach to guide more informed strategic growth planning.
Shortly after securing funding, one of the largest healthcare systems in the country believed firmly in Stratasan’s team and vision and signed on as the first partner. The intent was for Stratasan to play a significant role in designing a software application to fit their needs. The team spent the next six months co-designing the product, which is now widely used across Stratasan’s customer base. Seven years later, that same drive to go above and beyond in meeting our partners at their point of need is still guiding our growth. What’s more, the collaborative, “can-do” approach to opportunities has become the norm for how Stratasan designs, builds, and launches new products.

Understanding that our customers are the market experts, we build technology and offer services and data that equip them to make the strategic, high-level decisions they are hired to make. Our in-house analysts regularly engage with our tools, enabling us to test and continually provide the highest-quality products. The highest praise we receive from our clients is that our tools and services have allowed them to do their jobs more effectively and with greater success. A much appreciated recent compliment from a client was that “Switching to Stratasan was probably the best decision we have ever made” – Jeremy Kahle, St. Luke’s University Health Network.
We offer our clients a unique combination of technology expertise and comprehensive data insight. Our data processing service takes every dataset through a rigorous quality assurance process to find discrepancies, flag questionable data input, and ensure data is current. Our tools support all-payer claims, state, Medicare, and internal patient data, and since we build the technology that powers these datasets, we offer a superior customer experience through product support, custom builds, and faster response times.
Whether our customers’ goals are growth and acquisition, building better relationships with the physicians in their markets, more effectively reaching their customers, or creating more informed strategic plans, our team offers assistance and expertise to get them there. We establish collaborative partnerships through honest conversations and proven results, enabling our customers to achieve their growth goals.


450 10th Cir N
Nashville, TN 37203

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