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We’re Austin-based Strangeworks and we’re imagining a world where software developers, academics, corporations, and governments work together to create and share the advancements that will shift quantum computing from theory to reality.


Quantum technology is set to fundamentally change computing as we know it. But accessibility to quantum computing hardware, and the software that makes it useful, is prohibitively complex. In order to advance quantum computing needs collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries. At  Strangeworks we’re building the tools to make quantum accessible to everyone, today.

Whatever the future of quantum computing holds, we have built the foundation to deliver its value to everyone via a future-proof, vendor-agnostic platform. We’re on a mission to democratize access to quantum computing.

These are exciting times as we’re in the midst of developing technology that will push our known boundaries and to the point, we are only limited by what the human mind can conceive. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including aerospace, energy, finance, and pharmaceuticals. This will impact everything from materials science and chemistry to medicine and machine learning.

Consider this an open invitation to join thousands of physicists, software developers, students, and companies collaborating on quantum’s next big breakthrough.

As with the development of any theoretical technology, we move faster when we’ work together. That means collaborating on every aspect of this emerging technology. If quantum computing remains siloed in its research and development, we’ll only go as far as singular entities can take us.

We’ve removed the barriers to getting up and running with this exciting new technology, enabling developers and quantum physicists to focus on what matters most. Their work.


The Strangeworks Quantum Computing Platform:

  • No install or configuration required
  • Flexible & scalable developer environment
  • Access multiple quantum computing frameworks
  • Write your own code or start with our experiment library
  • Run experiments and get results
  • Share, collaborate, and publish your work
  • Available for free right now

Create an experiment
Easily create experiments across multiple frameworks including QISKIT, Q#, Forest, CIRQ, and Leap with new platforms being added.

Write and run the code
Write your own code or start from the experiment library. Run on our simulators or send directly to available quantum hardware.

Work together, get results
Collaborate with other developers and see the results of your experiments in multiple formats.

Discuss, share, and publish
Discuss your findings, share your experiments and results with the community, or publish your findings publicly for all the world to see and cite.

Join us and let’s do some incredible things together.
Sign up for free at https://quantumcomputing.com


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