StoryFit-Harnesses The Power Of Intelligent Data To Make Discovering, Creating, And Marketing Stories Easier Than Ever Before





StoryFit leverages the latest in AI and natural language processing to drive innovation for the entertainment and publishing industries. With a deep understanding of narrative content and the largest corpus in the business, StoryFit harnesses the power of intelligent data to make discovering, creating, and marketing stories easier than ever before.



First and foremost, we love stories.
With our roots in the publishing world, and later branching into film, television, and emerging story media, you won’t find another team of bookworm/moviebuff/ data-scientists quite like us anywhere on the planet. We understand the creative process and hold a deep appreciation for the art and history of narrative content. We believe there’s nothing more human than storytelling, and by harnessing the speed and insight of machines, StoryFit is ensuring words on a page continue to connect audiences from every generation.


What makes StoryFit AI different?
StoryFit has built a data science edge unmatched by any other. It starts with our text processing system, which preserves the specific formatting of the narrative, using elements like chapter, paragraph, and quoted text, rather than simple bulk processing, which destroys valuable style information. We also look at elements of style, like topic, theme, character development, and about 120,000 other nuanced features that make a story resonate with the audience.

Next, we built the largest corpus in the industry – more than 100,000 books, scripts, and articles to-date – to ensure our algorithms are on top of the latest trends and our models get smarter all the time. We can analyze book genres over the past 20, 50, even 100 years to help publishers better predict their next bestseller, and provide accurate, meaningful comps to help studios navigate from script selection to green-light.

We’ve created a data set that never existed before, allowing storytellers and story sellers to move faster and reduce more risk than humanly possible.




Leading the charge.
As StoryFit’s corpus and technology continue to evolve, leaders both in and outside media and entertainment are taking notice. CEO Monica Landers, CTO Mark Bessen, and EVP of Publishing Mary Brendza regularly present StoryFit technology to audiences around the world, including Cannes Film
Festival, Book Expo of America, DEG’s Marketing Analytics Symposium, and Austin’s own SXSW, and tech companies outside the industry are discovering new ways StoryFit can support their business. We’re creating an entirely new narrative for science and storytelling, which is only fitting considering stories are our passion.

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