Fast paced technological advancements fuel rapidly changing strategies, new business models and a growing skills gap. Already in Europe 40% of employers can’t find sufficient people with the skills to grow and innovate. And there is a projected shortage of skilled talent of 8.5 million people by 2030. The cost of inaction in G20 countries alone is predicted to cost $11.5 trillion. Change is happening at a fast pace and companies, society and people need to adapt and thrive in it.

Stellar Labs is a start-up on a mission: to bring on the learning revolution by transforming people and organisations with the skills of tomorrow. Our core belief is that ‘the better people learn, the better the world will be.’

But professional training has been ineffective, based on a pre-industrial model of throwing information at people and hoping it will stick. There is almost no transfer to the workplace, performance and behaviours don’t change and a lot of time and money are wasted.

As co-founders of Stellar Labs we travelled separate paths to gain our expertise. Raf Seymus is the Belgian entrepreneur with a passion for talent development and technology. His previous business became an award-winning company with a multi-million-euro turnover and 170 employees in just 6 years.

Stella Collins (UK) is a ‘Brain Lady’ and an expert on the practical application of science-based learning. She has trained tens of thousands of professionals and is the bestselling author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’, already translated into Chinese, Arabic and Italian. Our shared passion for people and performance brought us together to start Stellar Labs in October 2019.

Together we created a hybrid learning methodology to upskill people across multiple sectors to beat the skills crunch. With our team of learning specialists, Stellar Labs uses cutting edge technology and evidence-based techniques to get measurable results – every time.

Our impact on the industry hasn’t gone unnoticed; we were shortlisted for the ‘Best Game Changer of the Year’ at the HR Excellence Awards. Our clients are international and innovative; companies like InnoEnergy, Bridgestone, Novartis, Swedbank, ASML, Seasalt and KalVista Pharmaceuticals.

Our unique DNA starts with a focus on people – it’s their brains that change when they learn. And support from peers and supervisors gets them workplace ready. We stand on the shoulders of giants using evidence from neuroscience and behavioural science combined with practical, expert experience.

Thanks to our robust MASTER learning process people are motivated to absorb information effortlessly, explore, practice and test their skills and transfer them into the workplace.

Technology enables us to upscale and innovate, putting learning straight into the hands of learners when and where they need it. Our digital platform, mobile app and smart chat bots are 24/7 accessible on all devices. Data drives progress, performance and personalisation and enables us to prove a return on investment.

Our research with the University of Antwerp focuses on how data personalises the learning journey, optimizes learning transfer and delivers results.

With our data driven Learning Audit we consult with global clients who are seeking to become learning organisations and we offer bespoke programmes tailored to our clients’ needs. But we don’t forget ambitious individuals who want to future proof their careers; for them we also create accessible public programmes.

Our vision is to foster future stars!


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