Steadfast began in 1998 as an internet-technology passion project for Steadfast’s Founder, Karl Zimmerman, when he was only 14 years old. Karl’s dream to help companies with their data hosting and security needs started early on, and through these relationships, Karl learned there was a frustrating gap with many hosting companies – the lack of immediate and reliable service. This information fueled Karl’s determination to evolve his hobby into “Steadfast”, a comprehensive IT services company that does not waver on prompt service, reliable and superior infrastructure for thousands of clients and partners. Today, the company is a strong privately owned and operated cloud solutions provider that enables customers to focus more on their business and less on IT. From an
extensive background in infrastructure, Steadfast has evolved to provide focused cloud consultation, engineering, and hosting.

Karl Zimmerman, Founder

“We saw the need for a true technical partner and for the expertise that comes with that, and we’ve kept that base,” says Tim Monner, VP of Marketing and Business Development. “At the core, we’re still a bunch of IT nerds that really like to help business people focus on their business concerns, while we help them use IT to solve those concerns.”

Steadfast’s capabilities include a full suite of hosting and cloud services, backup and disaster recovery solutions, cloud storage, and more. But what sets Steadfast apart is that all consultation, design, deployment, management and ongoing maintenance are included in addition to those capabilities.

Steadfast’s commitment to small and medium-sized enterprises—not just large corporations—is also unique in its market. Others in the industry offer similar services to Steadfast’s but tend to cater almost solely to enterprise-level customers. Steadfast, however, wants to use its expertise on smaller businesses’ behalf, enabling them not just their maintenance but their growth.

“We handle these tasks for them so that they can enjoy all the benefits of a premium infrastructure without the time or expense of buying and maintaining hardware or staffing 24/7 IT experts,” says Tim.

Steadfast’s team is well-equipped to meet an array of needs because it is itself multifaceted in terms of its members’ skill sets and knowledge. Some have graduate degrees, others years of on-the-job experience. Others come from corporate IT backgrounds or from startups. Whatever their experience, Steadfast’s team members have one thing in common.

“They’re driven to make a difference,” Tim says. “They all have a voice at Steadfast and all have the opportunity to effect change that will impact our customers, our company, and our industry in general. Our team affords us a broad understanding of different experiences, and we use that insight to shape our organization for optimal success.”

More and more organizations are beginning to understand the benefits of treating IT infrastructure management services as a utility instead of as an in-house necessity—a trend Steadfast has seen on the horizon for a long time. The company started with data-center colocation that evolved into dedicated server hosting, for example, and then into early cloud technologies. It’s an evolution Steadfast will continue to enable by expanding its service offerings to meet increased demands and by building customized solutions for its customers to get them where they want to be.

The technology involved may be getting more complex, but Steadfast’s mission remains simple: “We take everything off of your infrastructure plate,” Tim says. “We make your life easier.”

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