Startup Open House

Unlocking The Doors Of Your City's Most Innovative Companies - Walk Directly Into Startup Offices And Connect With CEOs' And Founders Shaping The Future Of Business 




Job seekers, investors, curious neighbours… Ever wonder what it’s like inside a startup? Step into the offices of your city’s most vibrant startups and see for yourself what the startup spirit is all about

Movers and shakers of the startup community, it’s time to let people in! SOH is your chance to showcase what you’re made of, to connect with a new crowd and to spark new opportunities.

We open our doors to people of any gender identity or expression. We open our doors to people who want to change the world, people who want to help others realize their dreams, people who want to build impactful companies, and talent who is looking for an incredible work opportunity. We welcome entrepreneurs, geeks, students, and amateurs. We welcome you, especially if you’re not sure what a startup is.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we believe it’s possible for people of all viewpoints and perspectives to gather and learn new things. We believe in the broad spectrum of human experience. We believe that amazing things happen when people from different cultures and worldviews create a conversation.

We get excited about creativity, and we welcome the curious. We think accessibility for all is a priority. We believe in being inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of anyone who comes to us with the desire to help us build a community.

Since the first event in 2013, the amount of startups in the city has continued to expand, and Startup Open House is an opportunity for all of them to open their doors and invite the public in.

The idea behind Startup Open House is, as hinted by the name, to open up our vibrant startup communities for visitors to discover. We are hoping this will help all of us gain more visibility among the general public, and to make great connections in the process. The workplaces where startups grow are often the best places to learn about the company’s work, its mission, and its culture!

Also, the event draws inspiration from the very successful Portes Ouvertes Design Montreal, where 110 design firms opened up their doors. More than 20,000 human connections were made over two days in May 2013.

Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Since 2013, Startup Open House has brought together high growth startups with their local community of job seekers, investors, and curious neighbors. The formula is simple: for one evening, open the doors of your office to the public and greet them as you see fit!

“We created Startup Open House because as it’s crucial to help established startups get access to talent while inspiring students and the youth to aspire to launch or work in a startup. We also want to offer an invitation to employees and citizens alike to discover the startup hustle and vibe, and who knows, maybe be one of them in a few years!”– Charlotte Martin, Director of Startup Open House; Christian Belair, Président of Credo Impact; LP Maurice, Co-Founder of BusBud and Startup Open House.

This is a chance to display your true identity, to showcase your accomplishments and to share your struggles. This is a chance to get real about what it takes to work in the startup environment, to spread your passion and to demonstrate grit.

In the crowd, you might find the awesome UX designer you have been looking for, or the investor who will propel you to new heights. SOH exists to help you make those fruitful connections and to broaden your perspectives.

By opening your doors, you take part in stimulating the entrepreneurial community in your city, and in spreading the startup culture. The brighter you shine, the brighter your community shines.

Yes, it’s that simple. For one evening, walk into the offices of the most exciting startups in your city. Just step inside and see for yourself where the magic actually happens!

Learn about these companies and their products from inside the workplace they call home. Get a real feel of the startup culture, vibe, and values, in a fun and casual setting. For Free.

Connect with people driven to build something new. Whether you are looking for a job, a partnership, an investment opportunity or just a friendly enriching chat! SOH gives you an endless supply of mentors to look up to and great stories of struggles and successes to get inspired.

‘Eating local’ is key, so why not do the same with our startups? We are extremely happy to help make Startup Open House successful in Montréal. We are really grateful and proud of the whole SOH team who has been able to export this amazing project built in Montreal across Canada and even on the other side of the Atlantic, and hopefully even beyond in the future!”– ilias Benjelloun, Open Innovation Catalyst at Montreal NewTech and Desjardins Lab

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