Innovation Has Always Been Sqedio's DNA. It's What We Do Best




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Since the beginning of our activity, our main focus and goal was to offer a differentiating and value-added technological proposition software based for the industrial engineering market. Consequently, we have always sought not only to develop our own internal know-how, but also to bring together pioneering and innovative partners which address market needs with a novel offer that is able to overcome companies’ expectations.


Sqédio was founded in 1995, at Taguspark, by the hand of two engineers with large experience in manufacturing processes and 3D product development.

Simultaneously with Sqédio’s debut, the industry of software for product development presents the first generation of easy-to-use, Windows-based parametric 3D CAD modelers – SOLIDWORKS being the flagship product – and so we became one of the early global partners and initiated a 25-year journey that turned this product from a rogue startup into a national de facto standard for 3D product development, a trend that was also accompanied at worldwide level. Sqédio’s role was (and continues to be) instrumental, both in the commercial and educational markets, brewing new generations of passionate users and helping companies build important innovative skills and competencies that set them apart. Nowadays the Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE offering includes a comprehensive range of design, simulation, production, governance and management capacities that are second to none and provide for flexible licensing models and accommodate desktop, hybrid or
cloud environments.


Following our evolutionary path, in 2008, we reached another important milestone, joining Ibermática group – one of the largest Iberian IT groups – which allowed us to offer our customers a new set of top-of-the-line solutions for companies towards Industry 4.0: planning and management software, real time shop floor monitoring and decision making or the digital twin approach. Sqédio’s management solutions unit has been responsible for several successful and ambitious implementations, specifically tailored to customers’ needs.


Sqédio has also built from the early days an internal capacity to go further than what was allowed by commercial products, developing advanced programming skills that opened doors to a number of different projects geared at automating our customers’ workflows.


Today, Sqédio’s activity on the market is built on top of these three pillars: engineering solutions based on Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio; management solutions based on Ibermática’s product lines; and a special project team that connects the dots between these and other companies’ systems.


This value-added combination of deep knowledge of commercial products and specialized programming for the industry needs constitutes an important strategic asset for Sqédio and it is fairly unique, even considering the global offer. Some of the projects that we have been leading include:

• Connecting/integrating engineering and manufacturing data with the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);
• Streamlining the connection from design to manufacturing, including, for example, the automated creation/review of ERP articles from CAD and the automatic creation of CNC codes for aluminum/structural beams and wood cutting machines;
• Fully functional applications for vertical industries (ie: furniture);
• The connection between ERP and sheet metal cutting programs, uploading into the ERP cutting times and used/wasted materials into the ERP, in order to calculate effective part costs;
• Customer-specific, fully automatic or wizard-like product configurator projects (ie: mold hot-runners, automotive connectors, aluminum facades, automotive frames and interiors);
• A full solution for the stone cutting industry including CAD modelling and machining, ERP and shop floor MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integration to allow for a full, real time understanding of the production;
• A suite of apps (SqédioTools) that automates repetitive, manual tasks in SOLIDWORKS – and creates new functionalities for specific purposes, developed to answer our customers’ needs.


As our General Manager João Ribeiro says: “Innovation has always been Sqédio’s DNA, it’s what we do best. Since the beginning of our activity, to be a strategic key player and partner in our market, providing a relevant and innovative offer and delivering the best-in-class global experience to our customers, has always been our goal – and we have succeeded at that. Now, we want to do even more and lead the future of design and engineering promoting the success of each of our customers – by developing unique, comprehensive, all-in-one integrated and customized solutions, that are able not only to respond to our customers’ technological needs, but also to boost and enhance their results regarding people, processes and resources.”.


With a highly specialized and motivated team, a history of excellence and a highly satisfied customer base, we will continue to help our customers improve their businesses and enhance their competitiveness on the market.

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