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SpotOn Digital Media works with growing businesses to amplify their reach and message, supporting sales, and overall business goals. They seek and accept clients that align with their values and use technology and innovation to enhance human connection, solve problems, and make an impact. By utilizing a deep level of online research, competitive comparisons, audience and industry knowledge, SpotOn establishes the optimum website foundation, then drives traffic for conversion. Ongoing data analysis leads the way while creative messaging and strategic distribution channels attract qualified leads.


Founder, Robyn Spoto left the corporate environment in 2011 and was exposed to true entrepreneurship when a group of investors asked her to join them on a mobile venture. Her heart was stolen to the process, pain, and satisfaction of starting a company, building a team and growing a business.
Together, they launched the MamaBear App in 2012. As a co-founder and president leading the way, Robyn and her team gained hundreds of thousands of users around the world in less than two years. Curious Minds named Robyn one of five top-emerging women in tech, alongside Uber’s general counsel and Flickr’s founder.
After the sale of MamaBear to Grom Social, Robyn began SpotOn Digital Media to serve innovative companies who are looking to grow and effect change in their industries while supporting SpotOn team members on their personal and professional growth journeys.
Since January 2015, Robyn has built a team of skilled marketing experts looking for a deeper client/agency relationship that positively impacts the business as a whole.
The SpotOn team is quite selective with the clients and projects they accept, using an internally developed “good partner” score – holding true to the core mission of partnering with kind people at innovative businesses that are making a difference. All SpotOn clients receive a customized team and plan, to serve their unique market and needs. The result is real productivity, very satisfied clients, happy colleagues, and quality relationships.


Robyn is an Entrepreneur In Residence at Tampa Bay Wave, leading women entrepreneur initiatives and facilitating monthly peer forums to bring the peer mastermind structure to Tampa Bay Wave accelerator companies.

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Robyn Spoto, Founder


“Our SpotOn team takes the time to truly understand the nuances of what can be a complex topic and is committed to helping us achieve our overall demand generation goals. We value our partnership established over the past few years with this very creative, talented, intelligent and easy-to-work-with group of professionals.” – Caitlin Bailey, Physician Marketing Lead at Moffitt Cancer Center
“SpotOn’s ability to advise on best practices, prioritize what matters most, and hold the team accountable significantly contributed to a timely and successful brand and website launch. Their expertise has been exemplary, and we are confident in SpotOn’s capabilities to continue to support the growth of our brand.” – Victoria Zambito, SVP Content & Communications at Vector Solutions


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