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Spocket is a marketplace platform that enables online store owners to source products from thousands of international suppliers without holding inventory.

Spocket was born from the dream of empowering entrepreneurs with the right tools to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. Every day, Spocket empowers people all over the world, from a stay at home mom in Canada to a teacher in Saudi Arabia to take their self-employed dreams to the next level.

Spocket is a platform that uses the dropshipping model to connect someone who wants to start an online store, with US and EU products to sell, fast shipping, and no inventory or upfront costs. With new suppliers and products daily, Spocket not only helps local US and EU suppliers stay in business and make a profit, but we also empower online entrepreneurs with amazing products to sell internationally.

In the digital age, it has become easier than ever to pursue dreams of entrepreneurship. We hope to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in the vivid artist, pet lover, or jewelry connoisseur and show them that they, too, can ditch the 9 to 5 and be their own boss.

Spocket provides a critical puzzle piece in the online entrepreneurial journey, and we’re set to revolutionize the dropshipping industry by helping burgeoning entrepreneurs compete in the market by using their unique story, style, and niche.

Spocket’s road to becoming what it is today was a challenging and tribulating one. After being denied higher education due to his family’s minority religious status in Iran, our CEO Saba, moved to Canada to pursue dreams of higher education. While in school, Saba was inspired to start a series of startups that ultimately laid the foundation for Spocket.

By 2017, Spocket was born. Through incredible efforts and teamwork, by early 2018, Spocket was accepted into Techstars Seattle, one of the most globally recognized startup accelerators.

Now, in 2020, our platform has grown to 40,000 entrepreneurs, with no end in sight. Although born in exceptional circumstances, we believe Spocket will be an extraordinary platform to help ordinary people, be extraordinary.


At the heart of Spocket’s mission, is innovation. It runs in the veins of our organization, and we preach it to our users and everyone that has entrepreneurial dreams and challenges the status quo. We inspire anyone from the pet-lover to the new mother, to take something they know and love, and turn it into a brand that keeps people coming back for more. The market expertise you need is all in the passion you have, and we’ve got the perfect products for it!


Founded in beautiful British Columbia, Spocket operates in Vancouver, a paradise of lush, rocky mountains and the Pacific coast. But don’t let the beauty fool you, it is also a hub for innovation, change, and growth. Being close to tech hubs like Seattle and San Francisco, Vancouver shares the same contagious buzz, and makes you wonder: “What can I do to make the world a better place?”

Since inception, Spocket has become a well-funded startup with a growing team of over 30 passionate, entrepreneurial-minded people. With developed partnerships alongside Shopify, Automattic, and Google, our growth skyrockets from every angle – each year.

Accomplishments and future

Since Spocket’s acceptance into the Techstars Seattle incubator, Spocket was recognized as one of Canada’s most promising startups and was invited to participate in C100 – 48Hrs In The Valley a hub for top Canadian startups to incubate with industry leaders in San Francisco. Additionally, our very own CEO, Saba, was named one of the Forbes top 30 under 30 honorees, an incredible feat that further goes to show, innovation and passion can bring you through the hardest of times.

But we believe that this is just the beginning of Spocket. The global eCommerce market is expected to double in the next three years and when that happens, Spocket will be there, assisting eCommerce entrepreneurs, and endlessly cheering them on.

We are not simply building technology or a platform, we are building a disruptive eCommerce ecosystem that will play a major role as the market continues to grow. A platform that allows small and medium-sized e-retailers to compete with large players like Amazon.


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