Spiceworks-Is The Marketplace That Connects The Technology Industry To Help Buyers And Sellers Get Their Jobs Done, Every Day





Spiceworks is the marketplace that connects the technology industry to help buyers and sellers get their jobs done, every day. The company helps people in the world’s businesses find, adopt, and manage the latest technologies while also helping brands build, market, and support better products and services.





Founded in 2006, Spiceworks is the global technology marketplace that’s redefining how technology buyers and sellers connect and drive their businesses forward. The company couples unique, first-party insights with advanced AI technologies to provide insights for technology buyers, intelligence for technology vendors, and direct connections that ultimately reduce friction between buyers and sellers in the technology purchase process.

  • Insights for technology buyers: From the beginning, Spiceworks has helped technology professionals answer the tough IT questions faced by businesses worldwide. From identifying what’s on their network to providing guidance on the best backup solution for their environment, Spiceworks gives businesses the insights they need to buy and manage their technology more efficiently. As technology becomes more complex at an ever-increasing rate, Spiceworks is using artificial intelligence and harnessing the collective knowledge of the IT community to make buying and managing IT simpler.


  • Intelligence for technology vendors: Spiceworks helps B2B technology vendors – from the world’s largest technology companies to the next great startup – reach and engage technology buyers in ways that build trust and longterm relationships. Technology vendors face challenges determining when businesses are in-market to buy and need the intelligence Spiceworks provides to accelerate their sales cycles and engage the right businesses at the right time.
  • Direct connections between technology buyers and sellers: Spiceworks has been connecting technology buyers and sellers since 2006. How? First, with relevant ads in Spiceworks, and then through emails, webinars, community participation, and much more. Today, Spiceworks is using artificial intelligence to create more personalized experiences at scale that connect technology buyers with the people, tools, and resources they need to support their organizations with confidence. Simultaneously, Spiceworks is enabling technology vendors to identify and engage the right buyers in their moment of need, ensuring a more trusted, relevant connection for both parties.


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