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Spark Growth is an innovation consulting firm whose projects take shape across cultures, time zones, industry clusters and business sectors, leveraging expertise across the innovation value chain from idea stage to exit. Spark Growth works alongside our clients to identify potential and possibilities for growth and to develop authentic solutions specific to each client’s needs.

Our specialty is in identifying your specific strategic needs and helping you to see things that you cannot see and connecting you with the resources needed to successfully implement your project. Our experience provides unique insight and perspective without traditional constraints, and when necessary we draw on global connections to build a team of talented resources picked specifically for your project needs and goals.

Knowing that you need to make changes and bringing those changes to fruition are very different things. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make. At Spark Growth, we design experiences and create environments ripe for innovation, the development of community, and that change the way people think while inspiring them to act upon their new learnings. With Spark Growth, results matter!

“If you want better answers, ask better questions.” At Spark Growth our diverse expertise gives us a unique perspective delivering different results.

Thought Leadership – In an information-rich world, context is critical, and insight is invaluable. Convening like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices and work together to change the world.
Smart Cities/Innovation Districts  Asking the important question, “How do we better serve our citizens?” By focusing on quality of life and work, smart communities harness technology with answers as unique as each city.
Community Engagement – Where community members are treated as more than sources of input by becoming part of solution generation and delivery.
Business/Economic/Entrepreneur Development – Identifying opportunities for growth, and fostering wealth creation by connecting people, ideas and capital to create value in the marketplace
Founded by Sara Hand and Stan Schultes in 2013, Spark Growth notably co-produces Smart Cities Innovation Accelerators with The Innovator’s Forum, an initiative of the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH). These agile strategy workshops empower city decision-makers to develop strong alliances with their peers – enabling them to make more informed decisions, create project scalability, and improve their ROI. Workshops are supported by expert industry partners, helping city decision-makers by offering a broader perspective of successful strategies, and in turn learning firsthand the many issues cities face, and how they can better serve the needs of their city customers.

Spark Growth has developed and actively run several community-building efforts including DaVinci’s Faire, an interactive and multi-generational event now in its 10th year, Station 2 Innovation a cowork and community space for entrepreneurs, and the Thought Leader Exchange which convenes like-minded leaders across sectors to connect, share best practices and tackle emerging issues in society, technology, and innovation.

Numerous opportunities for Spark Growth’s participation in global ecosystem development include: U.S. State Department Friends of Global Entrepreneurship Program, the United Nations’ launch of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Dell/Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit, Telefonica/Harvard Digital Life in Latin American Cities, Startup India Rocks competition grand finale, and the 2018 Global Center for Executive and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) Conference in Tunisia.
Sara’s goal in life is to work with cool people on cool projects that make a difference. Stan’s is to work on interesting problems at the convergence of technology, business and community that make an impact on the places we work and live.

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