SovTech is a World Class custom software development platform, providing a complete software design and development innovation service to VC-funded Startups and Enterprises. SovTech believes that Silicon Valley’s technologies are the growth catalyst for every business of the future. The company provides clients across all industries with market-leading A.I., Blockchain, Mobile, and Cloud-base technological development solutions and services.

Living on the bleeding edge of technology and implementing market-leading software solutions, allows SovTech to bring innovation to market faster than ever before. SovTech’s global expertise has established blue-chip clients across the world and the company now operates on three continents and has offices in Dubai, London, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Nairobi.

SovTech was founded in 2012 and has grown into a global competitor in the custom software development industry. Our mission is to create leading, innovative software that creates economic and social value on a global scale, collaborating closely with businesses to help them achieve both their short and longer-term goals. Our vision is to become Earth’s leading software company from Africa. There are only several world-class Tech companies in Africa and even fewer that are proud to be.

SovTech works with some of the world’s smartest people, leveraging pockets of excellence across Africa to deliver value globally. SovTech has successfully catapulted the launch of many thriving businesses worldwide, across a wide range of industry verticals. These include financial, agricultural, government, and tech services. We are passionate about developing and applying cutting-edge technologies to suit our client’s unique business needs. We continuously aim to deliver world-class software solutions that give businesses a global competitive edge.

We believe advanced technologies are the lifeline of every business in the modern age. We aim to connect businesses across all industries to innovative software, in a manner that is faster, easier, and better than ever before.

CEO and Co-founder of SovTech Gerald Neves is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, and software engineer. The vast gap between the technological happenings in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world instigated his motive to start developing custom software for businesses. Neves’ contributions to the company run firmly through every level, as his knowledge is backed by years of personal experience. He is a Director and Board member of several other fast-growing startups, the Dean of IOT at the XTech Institute, and corporate lecturer at Duke University CE.


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