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Sourcetoad is a technology consulting and software development firm that works on large digital-transformation projects for enterprise companies. Access to data is critical for modern enterprise organizations. Good data can unlock new revenue streams, boost your current profits, and give you important insight into where to make future investments. However, the primary challenge in harnessing this data when designing software is pulling it together from disparate systems scattered across the organization.

Data is all over the place, stored in different formats and with unique structures. Older systems make leveraging this data even more challenging. Data may be trapped inside of legacy databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or pre-web desktop applications. Trying to maintain these old systems can result in lost productivity, frustrated employees, and an inability to meet the rising expectations of customers.

What makes developing software for enterprise even more complicated is the number of devices out there that need this data. iPhones, Android devices, Smart TVs, digital kiosks, and a thousand different Internet of things (IoT) devices all rely on being able to communicate with each other.

This is where Sourcetoad comes in. The Tampa-based software consulting and engineering firm specializes in unifying these data sources into a single, powerful collection.

“Our new CORE system allows enterprises to create a single source of truth for all these systems. CORE wires everything up together, monitors the health of all the connected systems, and gives you real-time analytics on what’s going on.”

- Greg Ross-Munro, Founder and CEO of Sourcetoad

Once all that data is streamlined through their CORE system, Sourcetoad then helps their clients use it in powering other applications.

“The most exciting aspect of CORE is that we can add custom modules to it,” says Justin Weber, CTO and partner at Sourcetoad. “We’ve built modules to allow our clients to run their digital signage systems, interactive TV interfaces, and mobile apps. With everything streamlined, we can build apps that would have normally taken a year to make and launched them in three months. That’s unheard of in the enterprise space.”

Sourcetoad’s main areas of focus are the healthcare, education, and cruise industries, but they have also worked with organizations as diverse as Sony DADC, Hillsborough County, SOCOM, and Luxottica.

“The cruise ship work we do is the most interesting to me,” says Nick DeMelas, a Sourcetoad partner and the Director of Projects. “Cruise ships are extremely complex floating cities, without the usual crutch of a constant Internet connection. If you want to build a basic app for passengers, you need to talk to restaurant booking databases, weather systems, GPS trackers, WiFi portals, and guest services. On one ship alone, we pull and push data to over 20 subsystems and make the whole experience seamless, even when there isn’t a stable web connection. We’re really proud of what we’ve built here.”

This domain expertise has helped the company land three of the major cruise lines and has grown the firm into a two-continent, 30-employee organization.

“The work is immensely rewarding,” says Ross-Munro. “We get to work on problems of a massive scale and systems with a huge amount of visibility. But we still get to be a super-geeky company that has a startup feel. I work with some of the smartest people in the world on some of the most challenging business problems, and I get to wear a t-shirt every day. What more could you want?”

With a client list the includes some of the who’s who of the Fortune 500, Sourcetoad is a Tampa company that is making waves in the cruise industry and beyond.


2901 W Busch Blvd #1018
Tampa, FL 33618

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