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Solverboard is the only innovation management platform focused on delivering sustainable innovation. The world is changing rapidly. Innovation is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Solving global challenges and creating a sustainable future is the biggest task of our generation. The sustainable development goals are our universal call-to-action. To step up, businesses are adopting new mindsets, building new business models, and developing disruptive technologies.

In the industries that are quick to respond, economic growth is happening faster than ever. SDG-related market opportunities are forecast to be worth at least 12 trillion a year in revenue and savings by 2030, and will generate at least 380 million jobs.*

Around the world, breakthrough innovators are creating positive impact at scale. For those looking to catch up, incremental changes are no longer sufficient. Exponential challenges demand exponential solutions. The stakes are high. Yet most businesses are not ready to seize these opportunities.

In fact, more than 90% of all innovation projects fail, costing trillions. Why?

While building Solverboard, we spoke to more than 100 enterprise innovation professionals to try and understand why this was happening. We identified three root causes of innovation failure.

Lack of methodology

Innovation processes are inconsistent, fragmented and poorly-defined.

Lack of measurement

Because innovation isn’t properly defined, it’s also hard to measure.

Lack of alignment

This lack of consistency and measurement means that innovation isn’t seen as integral to the day-to-day business. When it does happen, it’s often in the form of ‘hackathons’ or ‘sprints’ that rarely deliver long-term, strategic progress.

What our users really needed was an end-to-end solution with reporting functionality that could showcase the value of innovation projects to their stakeholders. So that’s what we built.
Solverboard is the only all-in-one platform for enterprise innovators that brings together business strategy, idea generation, validation, and project management into a single workflow.

Innovation is not a buzzword, it’s a community

Solverboard has been built directly for the people on the frontline, delivering innovation every day. Innovation managers, change leaders and transformation directors have provided feedback throughout its development. And we haven’t stopped there.

If Solverboard is truly going to help meet the challenges that face our generation and the generations to come, we must help each other to overcome the blockers that are stopping us from innovating.

Our annual Innovation Blockers Report highlights the challenges that our community is facing, and offers practical advice from innovation experts on how to overcome these. From fear of failure to gaining buy-in from leadership, our experts share what works – and what doesn’t – so that businesses can create the right culture for change.

Collaboration and a shared understanding of what innovation is trying to achieve is often the key to getting it right. That’s why we’ve helped to create the Bristol Innovators’ Group, which is also featured in this book, and we started a weekly meet up for our community when Covid-19 hit, called Mothers of Invention. These were so popular that we turned a few of them into podcasts so that everyone can learn from the support and advice that’s shared.

Now we’re looking to celebrate the everyday change-makers who are leading innovation through our first Standing Ovation campaign. Anyone can nominate an innovator they know for an award.

Whatever the innovation – whether its new technologies, or new ways of working – ultimately, we must use these opportunities to become more sustainable and change how the world works.

If we get it right,everyone wins.

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