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Solix, Inc. has a long and distinguished track record of connecting people to essential programs and services through the use of state-of-the-art technology, proven processes, and world-class customer service. Solix’ diverse clientele span a wide spectrum ranging from government agencies, health insurance companies and telecommunications service providers to schools, libraries, and rural healthcare clinics. These customers rely on Solix to develop solutions that enable them to provide access to funding and services that improve peoples’ lives.

Through its long-term commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions, Solix has helped clients modernize programs and achieve goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Eligibility determination is one of Solix’ core competencies. Determining eligibility based on program or client-defined protocols can be challenging to perform proficiently while simultaneously achieving comprehensive compliance requirements. Solix is a market leader in developing and managing process solutions, enabled by technology to provide streamlined access to services while maximizing the use of automation to verify eligibility and ensure program integrity.

Tangible results of employing Solix’ solutions include making telephone, electricity, and heating services more accessible for low-income individuals; funding investment in high-speed internet infrastructure for schools and libraries; deploying high-capacity networks to enable telemedicine support services in rural medical offices, and procuring funding to help school districts across the country provide services to students with special needs.


In 2013, Solix was the winner of the New Jersey Project Management Institute’s “Project of the Year” for its successful launch of the national Connect2Compete program.

In support of this federal initiative to bridge the “digital divide” by making broadband services more available to families, Solix designed and deployed user-friendly systems and processes that streamlined and automated the application process.

The following year Solix was chosen as a finalist for “Best New Mobile Customer Strategy” at the Call Center Week Excellence Awards Conference in recognition of its innovative approach to using mobile technology as a means of data and document intake.

Solix’ mobile customer support platform is customizable and evaluates applicant information using algorithms that accurately determine eligibility in real-time. Fraud controls and logic were created by Solix to instantly validate applicant information and detect potential fraud. At the end-user level, the applicants’ experience was enhanced by reducing the eligibility process from days to minutes.

In 2017, the company was again recognized for its innovation when the Workflow Management Coalition bestowed its “Excellence in BPM and Workflow” award for Solix’ intelligent business process management (iBPM) platform. Known as Solix360, this platform is an agile workflow automation solution designed to streamline complex business processes.

Fully cloud-based and geo-redundant, Solix’ iBPM solution significantly reduces the time to prepare applications for processing, and to design and implement workflows.

Privacy and data security is a primary focus and is achieved through layered protections, including multiple point encryption and secure replicated architecture. Solix360 has also enabled rapid prototyping and implementation of client-specific business rules to reduce the time-to-market for key client initiatives.

Key enhancements to the platform include Solix’ data analysis and business intelligence (BI) reporting tools that offer prescriptive analytics capabilities. By utilizing these tools, Solix helps customers increase program participation rates, improve sales effectiveness, and enhance their return on investment.

Innovation has been a staple at Solix since the company’s inception. Solix will continue to invest significant time and resources in technology and process innovation, which will drive the company’s ability to continue to evolve and support changing client needs and marketplace demands.


10 Lanidex Plaza West, Parsippany
New Jersey, 07054

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