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Sogeti is a leading global IT consulting company focused on helping companies leverage the latest technology to improve efficiency, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow their business at an accelerated pace. As part of the Capgemini Group, our team of 220,000 spans across more than 100 countries and has more than 50 years’ proven experience. We have also been a part of the Minneapolis IT environment since 1982.



Right now, businesses around the world, including right here in Minnesota, are witnessing a dramatic paradigm shift in what is possible.

Radical and yet proven innovations in technology are helping clients adapt faster to change, eliminate monotonous activities, streamline complex processes, and reduce the potential for error by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), cloud technologies, and automated Quality Engineering (QE) solutions.

Sogeti turns these technology innovations into business value.Listen to more of our clients explain how Sogeti has delivered significant value to their business:

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Process Automation

Companies who trend ahead of the curve are already taking advantage of the time, labor, and cost-saving solutions that AI and RPA capabilities provide. For example, one of the most innovative aerospace companies in the world faced a common challenge—slow, manual-labor processes that significantly impacted data quality and efficiency.

In just eight weeks, Sogeti created a fully functioning bot that reduced the time of their verification process from 160 days down to just 5 days, eradicated human error, and saved $500,000 in this initial phase of the project.AI is making the same kind of waves across all business sectors.

Packing food at Second Heartland

This past year several healthcare companies faced similar call center challenges. “Nikki,” the bot, came to the rescue.Take a look at how she reduced workloads, call times, and training requirements across the board, generating an impressive ROI:

Cloud Technology

The digital world is in the midst of a major cloud revolution and for good reason. The cloud offers scalability, responsiveness, and cost efficiency that have a tremendous impact on the way organizations operate and deliver products to customers.

Cloud transformation solutions help businesses move faster and become more adaptive to changes required. Our Cloud solutions include Cloud Strategy to help you plot your journey to the Cloud, Cloud Migration services, Cloud-Native Application Development services as well as Cloud Managed services.

Sogeti created a cloud Center of Excellence for one of the largest agricultural organizations—which helped them reduce processing time from 30 days to just one day!

Quality Engineering

Now more than ever, businesses are under tremendous pressure to perform, adapt, and evolve. From ensuring a seamless customer experience to racing against the competition to release the newest innovations, organizations need to be able to release new solutions quickly and with the highest quality—all while keeping costs down.

Testing has now moved from being merely a necessity to playing a critical role in a company’s overall success to a total quality engineering mindset. According to the World Quality Report 2019-2020, business growth and end-user satisfaction are now top-quality assurance objectives for agile and DevOps adoption.


As an example, a major Minnesota-based healthcare organization partnered with Sogeti to test crucial functionalities of their pharmacy and clinical systems. Its goal? To increase scalability, improve quality, and accelerate system changes while gaining year-over-year cost reductions through improved productivity.

Our team identified and implemented testing improvements including automation and process standardizations that resulted in more than $1 million in annual savings. Results like these are why Sogeti remains widely recognized as the world’s No. 1 leader in testing by Gartner, NelsonHall, Ovum, and other industry research organizations.

Every year, we conduct extensive research on the latest testing trends—download a copy of our latest issue of the “World Quality Report” here: https:


Sogeti’s strong core values are demonstrated in our commitment to the community! Every year, Sogeti supports local charities and the 2019 results show it:

  • Raised $187,000 + for deserving charities.
  • Helped nearly 6,300 kids go back to school with necessary supplies.
  • Volunteered 6,100+ hours of community service.

The Ethisphere Institute has recognized Sogeti as one of the most ethical organizations in the world for seven years in a row!

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