> SoFriendly-Designing Unique, Groundbreaking Experiences For Mobile Apps, Websites, And Everything Else In Between

SoFriendly is an entrepreneurial design team with a love for designing unique, groundbreaking experiences for mobile apps, websites, and everything else in between. At heart, the team is comprised of makers and creators who love building out their own ideas from time to time.

Innovation at SoFriendly typically revolves around crafting a user experience (UX) catered to their client’s specific demographic of users. For example, they recently revamped the traditional photo booth for a waterpark, are pushing the limits of training in the hospitality industry, and building an on-demand maid service app. The team constantly looks for spaces where they can jump in and provide a solution that makes sense for the given scenario.

They do this by constantly asking employees to share their thoughts, problems, and ideas. By doing so, they are empowering them to have a voice and thus are able to gather opinions based off real-world scenarios.

This is especially useful for when startups and entrepreneurs present a list of what they’re looking to solve and it needs to be broken down. This allows the team to have tons of ideas and solutions to pull from since everyone contributes.

Often times, problems can actually be solved in a totally different, easier, way outside of what the entrepreneur was originally thinking. At SoFriendly, this is one of the things that actually sets them apart from the rest; they push back on ideas and rationally discuss the experience from a user perspective to solve problems.

Their goal has always been to be the resource of innovative technology for businesses looking to dive deep into new solutions. Each year they also head to CES to ensure they’re up to date on all of the latest technology and deploy their findings to different instances where it makes sense. So when a client brings a new idea they can say, “Yes, that’s a great idea! We can actually do A, B, or C to solve the problem. Oh and here are the pros and cons for each”. Clients appreciate the mile-wide knowledge on the industry and the SoFriendly team prides themselves on this.

Innovating typically involves taking new risks into the unknown and not having any guarantee of success. However, the team’s welcoming approach to new projects and technologies has given them a significant edge in determining the best practices and UX that make them an industry powerhouse.

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