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Socialight creates powerful influencer marketing campaigns for hospitality & leisure businesses. However, Socialight is not an agency. We’re an app. This means we can create powerful campaigns without the extortionate agency fee’s. How do we do this? Every campaign is driven through our smartphone app created for influencers. With access to thousands of influencers at the press of a button, Socialight can create agency standard influencer marketing campaigns, featuring exceptional quality content creators who can tell powerful stories about a brand to thousands of likeminded people, without the brand having to spend large sums of money, or without having to spend hours of their personal time organising and coordinating influencers.

Nicolo Licata

Iain McFarnon


With technology paving the way for simple tasks in our everyday life such as ordering a takeaway, or a taxi, shopping for clothes or booking a table at a restaurant, Socialight applies the same logic to business. What would typically take weeks of planning and executing, can, in fact, be replicated through simple technological processes that save everybody involved, a huge amount of time, thus, saving money spent as well.

Socialight was born September 2017. The business was founded by Iain McFarnon and Nicolo Licata, who had both worked within the hospitality & leisure industry for a combined 18 years. The idea was founded under the desire to begin offering a legitimately cost-effective way of marketing businesses after years of witnessing, first hand, a number of failed solutions.

We are also proud to be affiliated with brilliant organisations such as NatWest, who inducted Socialight on to their Growth Accelerator scheme after we were recognised as a forward-thinking business, delivering exceptional results to our clients. This has since led to Iain McFarnon being nominated for South West Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year.

After having piloted Socialight across a handful of cities in the South West with proven success, Socialight is now expanding the business with the aim to assert themselves as the No.1 provider of influencer marketing campaigns for any restaurant, hotel, pub, bar or leisure attraction by becoming available to any business across the UK.

For those considering using influencers to market their business, here’s my take:

Influencer marketing is not using Love Island contestants to promote your brand. These, among other high profile Instagrammers, fall under the category of celebrities. Yes, in 2019, you can be classified as a celebrity for having been on tv and having lots of followers.

‘Real’ influencer marketing is understanding that through the power of social media, you can use normal people who have amassed a following ranging from 1,000 to a few hundred thousand followers to raise awareness of your brand, but more importantly, educate potential consumers about your brand. The key part that makes these influencers different from celebrities is that they are powerful content creators who have a particular interest in a key subject or lifestyle that others relate to. This is what makes them a powerful marketing tool. They’re relatable. Something that celebrities quite often aren’t for us normal folk.


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