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SmartCone is the only company in the current market who offers safety, accountability, and productivity technology from end to end with a portfolio of devices, software and integration services. We are your single-point data solution.

SmartCone Technologies provides the most versatile modular IoT platform on the market today to addresses customer needs surrounding safety, logistics and asset tracking, inventory management, and much more. Thanks to its ability to integrate a wide array of sensors, cognitive edge computing, sensor fusion software, and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, SmartCone increases safety and productivity onsite, wherever that site may be.

Our platform has been used for securing dangerous worksites, managing vehicle fleets, tracking assets in warehouses, monitoring traffic incident scenes, crowd control, and site security surveillance. IBM, Nokia, Exelon, City of Ottawa, and City of Hamstead have all entrusted such sites to SmartCone’s products and platform.

Its eponymous device, TheSmartCone™, can function as fixed or portable surveillance and also as a situational awareness and communications system to monitor indoor and outdoor environments. It creates a gateway and mesh network to integrate sensor feeds, all while collecting and analyzing data at the edge.

The SmartCone™ annunciator module brings visual and audible alerts that activate according to customizable parameters. Additional connected devices—like TheSmartTorch™ and a multi-sensor wearable—each incorporates the same custom audio and visual alerts for increased situational awareness and broaden the reach onsite.

The SmartCone™ is modular, incorporating third-party sensors for data collection and pushing high-value data to the internet through most communications types. Each configuration involving TheSmartCone™ is tailor-made.

For example, lidar and cameras for perimeter detection relating to safety and security on a worksite; add radar to detect the speed vehicles approaching; RFID module to track assets; and our constellation module for indoor positioning—the combinations are endless, as are the use cases. And all of it occurs in real-time for mission-critical environments.

SmartCone’s multi-sensor wearable can be attached to any standard safety helmet and detects the wearer’s state, including man-down and distress, and external elements like humidity, temperature, air quality and more. It features a panic button, eye-level LED lighting, and a speaker and microphone, which help to relay dangerous work environments and whether an area is a go or no-go zone.

Completing the suite is TheSmartTorch™, which can be mounted in many ways from impact-resistant bollards, to existing poles or on a moving asset itself. Placed throughout a worksite, it creates intelligent zones and muster points with both visual and audible notifications.

Some applications of TheSmartCone™ products to improve efficiency in the workplace include automatic check in/out of workers onsite along with tools in a kit and notifications of missing items. For safety; go/no-go zones created with alerts both on the worker and at the intrusion point, man-down alerts to nearby workers and supervisors, with automatic recording for audits.

Large assets like cranes can have separate moving perimeters created, with alerts sent to the operators if a known or unknown person walks into the area. Warehouses can be made “smart” with indoor positioning and locating of packages within 10cm. Fleets are managed automatically through license-plate recognition with video capture and geostamping. In summary, we can track any asset, anywhere, and

Jason Lee is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SmartCone Technologies. Jason has dedicated most of his professional life to developing new technologies that make the world a safer place, with applications in aviation, business intelligence, manufacturing, and software development. He has spent time in Kuwait and Afghanistan researching and developing smart safety for military use, for which he was presented the Challenge Coin for Excellence. Jason has created three award-winning products and has 10 Intellectual Property patent clusters.

All SmartCone’s products are designed to be easily deployable in almost any environment, enabling extreme portability in the field or even mounted on a vehicle. It can be mounted on existing infrastructure, dropped in a standard safety cone. SmartCone’s products are as flexible as they are innovative.

As there are so many applications, we encourage entrepreneurs to come forth with ideas to utilize this core technology as a platform for a new business venture. Our first subsidiary, AutoGuardian by SmartCone, was created in late 2018 and utilizes our platform to benefit vulnerable road users and create safer, smarter cities.

In 2019, SmartCone incubated AutoGuardian and secured two multi-million-dollar contracts, subtracting AutoGuardian to bring their autonomous shuttle solution with intelligent infrastructure to market. We look forward to offering a collaborative and inspiring environment to continue our growth and expansion.

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