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Dedicated to improving clinical outcomes by reducing the misuse of antibiotics and providing realtime analytics of infection events

Antibiotic Adjuvant, Inc., dba SmartSteward™ (the Company) is part of a new wave of technology companies that improve patient outcomes by transforming the way healthcare data is recorded, analyzed, hared, and reported. The Company is dedicated to improving clinical outcomes by reducing the misuse of antibiotics and providing realtime analytics of infection events. SmartSteward™, the Company’s software platform, combines informatics with appropriate and precise communication to create a coordinated, continuous improvement culture that includes physicians, nurses, and administrators.

The SmartSteward™ software and protocol was developed over 24 months working side-by-side with doctors and nurses. By automating most of the infection control and antibiotic stewardship processes, SmartSteward™ improves patient health and eases the workflow burden routinely associated with healthcare institutions.

The Company is incorporating machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the latest medical knowledge into the platform to deepen the automated processes which prescribe antibiotics and review dispensing records, as well as predict readmissions.

SmartSteward™ gives administrators, doctors, nurses, and patient-safety advocates the ability to monitor and continuously improve the core care of their patients. The unique infection control and antibiotic stewardship reporting and feedback system is displayed in a simple dashboard that is updated in real time and includes clear quality improvement action items.

The system has five vital modules that facilitate patientcentered proactive infection control and antibiotic stewardship programs.

SmartSteward’s™ real-time analytics and custom authoritative knowledge base helps doctors and nurses improve patient health and provides a comprehensive foundation for establishing antibiotic stewardship and infection control programs. In addition to enhancing patient health, the system delivers meaningful benefits to the healthcare team—administrators, doctors, nurses, and infection control and prevention officers.

The SmartSteward™ Prescriber Engine is a critical component of the Company’s cloud-based software platform. It delivers, in real time to the prescribing physician, AI-powered prescription recommendations based on patient medical data and local environmental information. SmartSteward™ coordinates antibiotic prescribing among providers, controlling resistance and minimizing complications. SmartSteward™-enabled facilities achieve superior financial results while experiencing improved patient health and a continually evolving facility treatment culture.

The SmartSteward™ platform simplifies and standardizes infection control, antibiotic stewardship, and regulatory compliance. The Company will initially target Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), and later expand into outpatient clinics and hospital environments. The Company has spent two years developing the product and has a passionate team and expert advisors in place.

Smart Steward

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