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The dental mirror is the single-most important tool for dentists and hygienists alike, but it hasn’t changed in form or function for more than 100 years.

SmartMirror looks, feels and acts like a traditional dental mirror, but features pioneering technology that meets the needs of today’s dentists and patients alike.

Connect. Explore. Capture. Share.
With its true-color LEDs and a built-in-camera, SmartMirror wirelessly projects what the dentist sees in real time. It allows the dentist to see better and treat more easily while allowing patients to view up-close what’s happening in their mouths.

With SmartMirror, patients are becoming active partners in their own oral health and are able to understand their practitioner’s advice and treatment plans like never before. Images and video captured during the treatment can be saved and shared in a click.


Innovation with a Global Reach
SmartMirror is a glocal company with international headquarters in Chicago and a robust R&D center in Israel. The company is strategically positioned at the intersection of two global hubs for innovation, linking Chicago, the startup capital of the midwest, to Israel, the startup nation in the Middle East.

SmartMirror was founded in 2016 by Dan Harkabi and Gidi Elazar, business partners for over 20 years with several successful projects under their belts, including the invention of the USB flash drive and the creation of MDRM, which was sold to SanDisk in 2005.

The company boasts a strong R&D team and innovative spirit, and their substantial IP portfolio includes over 20 granted US patents and an international patent strategy.

“This breakthrough technology is a game changer.” “SmartMirror allows for unparalled visualization of the entire mouth. This breakthrough technology is a game-changer in anyone’s practice and a must use for any new patient exam!”

– Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS, Smiles By Design, Hewlett, NY

Why Dentists Love SmartMirror

“SmartMirror has been my best ROI acquisition in a long time.”
“SmartMirror is one of those brilliant inventions that is worth its weight in gold. Once you master handling it, you will wonder how you ever practiced dentistry without it. SmartMirror has been my best ROI acquisition in a long time.”

— Dr. Behram Dalal, DDS, Twinbrook Dental, Rockville, MD

“This is truly the mirror of the future!”

“There isn’t anything out there like it! It’s a mirror that contains LEDs: the oral cavity is illuminated very well and the mirror can record real-time videos. This provides a modern, innovative approach to patient education. This is truly the mirror of the future!”

— Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, Chief Editor of Dentistry IQ – Best of Class, Awards Panelist

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