SkyeBase unburdens each customer by ensuring maximum asset uptime with the deployment of innovative drone & data capture technology for industrial inspections and the use of artificial intelligence to generate actionable maintenance insights.

SkyeBase founders from the left to the right: Jean-Louis Weemaes (CEO), Tom Verstappen (CTO), Tom Daniëls (CIO) and Bart Daniëls (COO)

SkyeBase was founded in 2020 by four passionate entrepreneurs – each broadly experienced in their specific fields of industrial business development, drone inspections, innovations (AI) and operations. Together they hold a straightforward objective: increase safety and uptime of critical infrastructure in the industry. Teamwork, sector knowledge, expertise and partnership are the central pillars in this success story.

Aerial, water, land and fixed drone solutions

During their market study they noticed that industrial inspections are often dangerous, incoherent and that the storage of data is organised in a decentral and diffuse way. In addition they learned that the uptime of critical assets is critical.

Individual small drone pilot companies are often unable to offer the desired quality level and meet all aspects of the customer requirements. By carefully training and guiding these pilots in accordance with industrial standards, SkyeBase offers their clientele exactly what they need.

Today, there is no total inspection solution in the market to improve, speed up and make this process safer.

By offering both industrial drone inspection services and data analysis by using and developing digital platforms and artificial intelligence SkyeBase offers a total solution to the market. With one call a total robotic inspection solution can be provided, combined with a statutory inspection, if desired.

For inspections SkyeBase uses various types of drones (air, water, land and fixed). Their focus markets are petrochemicals, tank terminals, refineries, container terminals and infrastructure. SkyeBase is VCA-Petro and ISO-9001:2015 certified and works according to the highest standards.

With the latest new drone technology, wall thickness and coating measurements on tanks, stacks, chimneys, pillars and piping are also possible in hard-to-reach places. This makes inspections faster, cheaper and safer.

I-SPECT – asset inspection platform
I-SPECT is the industrial asset inspection platform from SkyeBase where inspection data is centralized, visualized (2D/3D), analyzed and where integrations can be made with external Enterprise Asset Management platforms. With the use of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and digital twins, the end customers can get better, actionable insights on defect localization and evolution on their industrial infrastructure and make better maintenance decisions.

Asset specific inspection modules
SkyeBase is developing a Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes and bridge inspection module for the I-SPECT platform with the help of a VLAIO subsidy. Asset-specific inspection, risk and maintenance know-how for these assets is integrated into these individual modules. (For STS cranes in collaboration with SGS) The defect localization and evolution insights together with the optimized risk and maintenance suggestions will support the asset owners to make better maintenance decisions.

By applying their DT3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology, Digital Transformation) approach SkyeBase pushes the state-of-the-art forward in the industry.

Vision for the future
Industrial assets will become safer, more ecological, data-driven and more efficient through the deployment of high-technology robotic inspections, data technology and digital transformation.


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