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Born on a chairlift in Park City, Utah, they’re best known for their board sports DNA and Sensory Bass Crusher headphones, an innovation created to deliver on a promise they call “Music You Can Feel.” They became one of the world’s most influential audio brands by bringing more performance, color, and emotion to an otherwise predictable, monochromatic headphone industry. Their unmistakable style disrupted an audio arena that had yet to offer a brand who embodied the visceral power of music. From their mind-blowing Crusher headphones that give you bass you can feel to a team of the most elite board sports athletes, Skullcandy continues to evolve as a leader in audio performance and style. Today, their industry is on a quest to perfect cordless audio, and Skullcandy continues to impress by offering more options.

As such, 2019 has been a re-defining year for the growing company. In March, they launched a groundbreaking campaign called 12 Moods. By showcasing emerging artists and athletes to tell monthly mood stories, highlighted by limited-edition product drops in unique colorways, Skullcandy is delivering music you can feel in a whole new way. They understand their audience wants to try true wireless audio, and they’ve responded by focusing their monthly limited-edition drops on the true wireless experience.

Skullcandy currently boasts a full suite of completely cordless earbuds; including three different form factors to meet their consumer’s preference for fit, style, and feature-needs such as durability and battery life. Each one of their true wireless products gets its month to shine as a limited-edition release in a vibrant color that embodies their selected mood for the month. With every piece of 12 Moods content created by their in-house marketing team, the brand is gaining more recognition than ever for its strategic use of color and relatable storytelling.

Skullcandy also launched more products in 2019 than ever before. The company made ears everywhere rejoice with the release of their latest and greatest Sensory Bass headphone, Crusher ANC. A combination of three premium technologies, Crusher ANC claims to be the world’s most immersive headphone, and promises to give listeners an experience aptly titled: Deeper Dimensions of Sound. Crusher ANC’s one-of-a kind sound immersion is made possible by integrating the company’s patented Sensory Bass technology with Active Noise Cancellation and Personal Sound calibration—an audio engineering feat that’s never been done before.

The company debuted their Sensory Bass drivers in 2004, setting the standard for immersive audio. Since then, their inhouse engineers have perfected the technology, making Crusher ANC the fourth generation of a headphone that’s unlike anything else on the market. They worked in-house to accomplish such a feat, relying solely on their extensive engineering team, and new headquarters’ premium resources, including a full test lab and anechoic sound chamber.

By adding Personal Sound to Crusher’s tech lineup, listeners will be able to hear parts of their music they’ve never heard before through Skullcandy’s first app experience. Users download the app to take a short hearing test, which then optimizes their Crusher ANC’s sound profile to their unique hearing. They’re giving customers fair warning with two simple words: “Expect Goosebumps.”

Skullcandy is proving the impossible is possible when you build a team of young, scrappy, like-minded individuals who share the same values as their company. It’s no surprise that two of the brand’s core beliefs are Banded Together and Fresh Tracks. You can see these values brought to life as the company consistently ventures into new territory and does it as a unified team. With research and innovation happening on a daily basis, Skullcandy employees get much needed breaths of fresh air from their unique location. Situated in the heart of Park City, right below the Olympic Park ski jumps, their headquarters gives workers access to world class trails for every season. And you can rest assured they make use of them day in and day out. Where the cliché might be reaching elsewhere, it’s true here that they work hard and play even harder.


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6301 N. Landmark Dr., Park City, UT 84098

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