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Skaffolder is the SaaS platform that allows software development teams to save up to 40% of time and costs. We do this thanks to our code generator that creates web and mobile applications in many programming languages, you can craft the generation template that fits best the standards of your company. Unlike other code generators, we provide a fully customizable code in order to create complex applications and generate documentation in sync with the code that you can share among the team or with your clients.


Skaffolder started from the personal experience of the CEO, Luca Carducci. Working in a big software development company he realized that a lot of time was used to build repetitive code. Copying and pasting pieces of code from previous projects, the result is always error-prone and slightly different from the standard. Growing with the complexity of the project it increases the maintenance cost and time, and if the lead developer that started the project quit the company, a lot of knowledge gets lost and the project consequently gets delayed.

To overcome these problems we created Skaffolder, a flexible code generator that is able to provide the scaffold code in many programming languages and frameworks. We generate this based on code templates that can be customized in order to integrate the quality guidelines of every single company.

Skaffolder started in Rome, in the LuissENLABS accelerator, after getting first traction in Italy the CEO moved to Austin, backed by International Accelerator. Here the team has grown and Skaffolder is securing the US market.


At Skaffolder we aim to transform the software development industry.

Skaffolder wants to become a de facto standard, to help developers quickly start new projects, it is comparable to the evolution of the getting started plus an increase in the maintainability of long term projects. To become a standard Skaffolder wants to be free for single software developers, to help them with coding and spread the technology.

Our tool provides benefits to multiple teams working in the same company, allowing to share standards among different projects and creating company-wide knowledge. Skaffolder is a tool built from developer to developers, we have experience with how this industry works. Our goal is to solve the problems that we ourselves have felt in the past. We built Skaffolder with Skaffolder being our very first happy user.


  • Skaffolder is used in big companies such as Accenture and Almaviva to build big and complex projects. Facing these challenging jobs we proved that Skaffolder is the tool for enterprises and companies that help building very custom solutions.
  • Skaffolder is a Docker certified partner, providing the on-premise version of the tool on Docker Hub and helps to build containerized applications.
  • Skaffolder is also on AWS and Google marketplace for enterprises, these partnerships prove the reliability of the solution and our presence in the market.


This is the unfair advantage of Skaffolder, a team formed by young and talented people started the project in Rome, we bring together different skills and provide results in very short times. We respond to changes and listen to feedback from our users and provide quick executions in short cycles.

After moving to Austin experienced people entered the team, providing skills and knowledge in business and sales management. We are growing fast, with enthusiasm and passion and are going to accomplish our ambitious goals. Check out Skaffolders website and meet our team to schedule a demo or friendly call.

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