"We are transforming the software development industry."

Luca Carducci, CEO - Skaffolder

Luca Carducci is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, he started as a software developer with many projects starting from the age of 16, his first project was a similar to Netflix to watch movies in streaming, after this he created and directed an e-commerce platform; several developers tools. At the age of 20, when he had just started university he started working for an online betting platform and after that for Almaviva, a big system integrator, where he created enterprise software for banks and public ministries. He felt some problems in the enterprise software world, so he quit that job to run his own startup in order to free companies from wasting time and increase the efficiency of their work.

Since I remember I was passionate about technology, about crafting, about imagining something new. And I always made it, this is a part of myself that helped me to grow and to explore the unknown, finding better ways to solve problems.

After some personal small projects, I worked for seven (7) years for a big Italian system integrator. Each time I had to start a new project I had to rewrite the same code I wrote in previous projects. So I had to copy and paste pieces of code and adapt them to the new project, wasting a lot of time writing refactored code.

To overcome this issue I started to create the Skaffolder algorithm in order to generate repetitive code, avoiding repetition but still getting high-quality code instantly. I validated this approach with some personal and enterprise projects and later created the first Skaffolder interface, obviously using the Skaffolder generator algorithm. That means Skaffolder was built with Skaffolder!

In order to start the company, I had to reskill myself from a developer to a business background, I  always used to teach myself, so I choose the area where I missed skills and I started reading blogs, books, and interesting articles. This was only the beginning, now it was time to build the team; the company. The experience is much more valuable than any book and theory, facing problems, solving them and then discover the next problem to solve, it is a loop that will never end, hopefully!

I started my company in Rome and four (4) months ago I moved to Austin, backed by the International Accelerator. Austin is the best city for the enterprise IT sector, where Skaffolder can grow and scale-up, the networking is powerful and the only limit to growth is the limit that you can overcome.

At Skaffolder we are transforming the software development industry, there are plenty of technologies and developers in big companies that are using 30% of their time building code that can be automated, instead of focusing on the code that brings value to the customer.


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