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Business owners in this segment frequently find themselves trying to operate with disparate software applications. As a result, their businesses are operationally inefficient, financially limited, and difficult to grow. Our initial market is the five million smart home integrators, representing a $6 billion annual market opportunity. We already have hundreds of paying companies succeeding through using our business process solutions.


As small businesses attempt to grow, their lack of repeatable processes and business automation software creates operational chaos, drives up costs, kills profits, and cripples their ability to grow.


Simply Reliable was founded on the principle that a successful business needs repeatable processes best delivered through software. The software must embody best practices to ensure optimal operational and financial results, providing business owners with sustainable profitability, controllable growth and satisfied, referenceable customers.
Founded by experienced technology business owners, Simply Reliable is the only company to create a single, integrated, affordable platform for small businesses that automate workflow from first contact through to final invoice.


Simply Reliable’s smartOFFICE offers a complete and simple end-to-end business process workflow solution for small businesses. It assists the business in managing people, products and money, thereby reducing expenses, increasing revenue, speeding up the sales cycle and improving cash flow. It is both easy to learn and to use. smartOFFICE is designed as a guide, moving integrators from sales to installation, meanwhile helping users to accurately make the next move through every process. smartOFFICE ultimately delivers the truth to the business owner, allowing them to make informed decisions based on fact versus gut feel.

The patented (US 8,719,758 B1) designMACHINE automates the creation of drawings and documentation. designMACHINE provides a process that allows the integrator to prove that their proposal design is functionally sound. It allows for the creation of floor plan layouts to convey where devices should be installed and automatically creates a schematic drawing and cable schedule to provide visual instruction for connecting devices, in addition to being able to pull a myriad of reports. This functionality can save the average tech company an average of two days of labor per project.


Simply Reliable has developed deeper integration of the business workflow process for a large subset of small businesses that sell and install Control4 home automation products. Starting from the point of design, creating a proposal in smartOFFICE for a potential Control4 prospect takes only minutes with the customized quickSPEC and proposal process. Once the proposal is exported to designMACHINE, the user can assign drivers and create a Control4 file ready for implementation. designMACHINE can then automatically produce the necessary documentation, for example, wiring diagrams and cable schedules. Ci4C4 (Control Integration for Control4) eliminates days of work and opens opportunities to double or triple the efficiency of the integrator, and this can translate into dramatic sales increases and reduced labor needs.


“I really do love the way the Ci4C4 process works with my integration process. The time saved creating a final delivery platform, with scope, proposal, detailed engineered drawings and business documents, has reduced hours spent in front of a PC and has allowed me to be in front of my client selling and implementing more solutions. It’s good stuff and really has helped me save time, money and energy!”
Lewis Franke, LED Systems, LLC in Frisco, Texas

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