At Simba We Ask Our Clients One Simple Question: “Are You Ready To Roar?”




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“With Simba, the founder Ruben Baestaens, launched a European pilot project. Simba makes many entrepreneurs’ hearts beat faster with the tagline .

Simba Service is the first graphic design concept in Belgium that offers unlimited and high-quality design work for companies at a fixed rate. The concept is born out of the frustration of working with a freelance designer or an agency. It puts an end to designs with low quality, high costs and long delivery times.

It is a service that many companies need. It is often too expensive to work with a freelance designer or to employ a permanent designer. Thanks to Simba, the era of high-cost design is over.

Design as a subscription

For a design service in the form of a subscription, we have based ourselves on the SAAS model for software. Design as a service has become a reality because of Simba.”

How does it work?

Through the platform, you can easily request unlimited designs. The first time you request a design, you will be assigned too one of our in-house designers.

He/she provides you with all your future designs. Your personal in-house designer gets to know your company and your expectations. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality for our customers.
In addition, our customers receive their designs between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the type of subscription they have.

It seems like a logical evolution, but this way of working does not yet exist in Europe. Simba will match you with one of our designer thanks to a simple matching formula.

At Simba, quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. This way we can work together to get the design that you really need!

So we ask you one more time: “Are you ready to ROAR?”

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