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Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved photography immensely.

In the darkroom I felt like a fish in water. Meanwhile, much has changed. Analogue is (almost) gone and of course I switched to digital a long time ago. Digital or analog, photography remains my greatest passion. I love writing with light and I love connecting with people. But after 20 years of photographing families and children, I felt it was time to take a different path.

Sue Bryce, an American photographer, was my great inspiration to start photographing women entrepreneurs. Translating her concept to the European market became my goal.

Life is becoming more and more digital and impersonal, it is therefore very important for entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves from others. People like to know who is behind a brand or company. A quote from marketer Seth Godin sums it all up well.

“People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.”

From flow to visibility.

Because I noticed that many entrepreneurs find it difficult to show themselves, we recently started a unique concept. From flow to visibility! During this day the customer will be completely pampered by me and my team. At an exclusive location a holistic life coach will greet you and will start your session with a holistic pulsing massage. After a relaxing massage the customer will be professionally treated by a make-up artist and will stand confidently in front of my lens. The end result is not only a nice and relaxing day but the customer will also have a fantastic image bank that can be used for business, both online and offline.

Do I only photograph women?
No, men are also more than welcome, but women simply come across my path faster. Recently we also started offering video. Think of short atmospheric video footage of your company, business or events.


“As an entrepreneur, you need imagery of yourself. Then it’s nice when you find a photographer who thinks along, who puts you at ease, who you have fun with, who knows her craft and surprises you with pictures that make you very happy.”


Her great eye for beauty and detail combined with a lot of empathy make Sigi a unique and exceptional photographer. Photo shoots are ‘out of the comfort zone’ for most people . Sigi creates a comfort zone instantly.

We chatted and laughed our way through the shoot and suddenly I had an amazing, impressive, beautiful image archive


Sigi is a master in taking spontaneous photos that really show your personality. From flow to visibility, is really a statement for her! Since my website is live, I receive many positive comments about the look and photos.

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